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2016 Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Review

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We spent 4 hours in our cage with the 2016 Louisville Slugger XENO PLUS Fastpitch bat. We received feedback from 4 different hitters—each has played serious competitive fastpitch softball. Another hour was spent researching previous versions of the XENO on vendor sites. We also read dozens of online reviews that discuss the bat. As well, we exchanged emails with Louisville Slugger corporate team to clarify some information. All that contributed to our 2016 Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Review.

General Recommendations

With that data set, we concluded the 2016 XENO PLUS from Louisville Slugger is as good of a bat as you can find in the Fastpitch space. Players like not only the large barrel and verifiable performance of the bat, but also the pedigree of success the Slugger XENO name carries with it.

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Comparable Bats

The most similar bat to the 2016 XENO PLUS is its sister bat: the 2016 Louisville Slugger LXT PLUS. Both bats are full composites with light swing weights, double walls, and the hot out-of-the-wrapper feel (because of the PLUS composite). The XENO, in comparison, is more forgiving on mishits with its vibration dampening connective piece.

On the whole, Collegiate teams tend to flock more towards the LXT because of its truer feedback with vibration while younger players tend to prefer the Slugger XENO PLUS. But, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.

If we were forced outside the brand to find a similar bat, we’d suggest, maybe, the 2016 2 Legit from Worth.


The 2016 XENO PLUS, like previous year’s versions, is a balanced bat with a gigantic sweet spot and reduced vibration. The bat continues to have the smashing sound that has made it recognizable on ballparks across America. The 2016 Xeno, like previous years as well, continues to be a double walled bat. This structure allows the outside and inside layer to work for maximum allowable pop with the right amount of durability.

This year’s XENO, when compared to the 2015 version, comes with a thinner walled outer shell. This newer composite design is referred to a PLUS Composite—hence, the XENO PLUS name. This thin walled PLUS composite gets the bat much closer to maximum performance standards straight out of the wrapper. Some hitters are claiming they need no work in period on the composite barrel for. Our experience appeared to confirm this—although it is impossible to really tell with just one bat.