2016 Boombah XRT Tsunami Fastpitch Review

We’d recommend the Boombah Tsunami XRT line of fastpitch bats to anyone looking for a value purchase in the fast pitch performance space. These bats are constructed in the same manner as many high-end fastpitch bats but with a generally heavier swing weight. As such, consider sizing down an inch or drop to make sure you get the right size. All in all, you should have confidence in a quality stick for a fraction of the price. (Their site is the only place to buy).

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Boombah, you may recall from our Cannon reviews, is a direct-to-consumer sports gear company that makes top-quality gear but, due to its direct-to-consumer distribution model, has remarkably competitive pricing on its stuff. In other words, if you want a great deal on a performance fastpitch bat then the boombah site is worth checking out.

General Recommendations

We recently had a chance to swing with each of the 2015 Boombah Tsunami fastpitch bats and can say, with a lot of confidence, that these bats are game-changers. Not in the sense they have any particularly unique technology that makes them stand out above the rest of the performance fast-pitch pack but, instead, because they are as good as any top-shelf fast pitch bat we’ve hit with at a real fraction of the price.

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Comparable Bats

Other bats similar to the Tsunami from Boombah include a host of two-piece composite fast pitch bats: Slugger’s Xeno, Worth’s 2 Legit, Mizuno’s Nighthawk and DeMarini’s Fatspitch CF8 are the more popular high-end ones.

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The Tsunami line of fastpitch bats comes in three different model sizes: A drop 9, a drop 10, and a drop 12. The drop 9 is the most durable of the models and can pack the biggest punch but also requires the most strength to swing. The drop 10 is made for stronger little leaguers or high school athletes looking to get a good combination of bat speed and power. The Drop 12 is for little leaguers who need as much help with contact and bat speed as possible.


The 2016 Boombah Tsunami Fastpitch bat, like many high-end performance bats, is of two-piece composite construction. Unlike many other bats, however, it has an endloaded feel in the barrel giving it a higher swing weight. The barrel is 13 inches. The handle is also composite and made to withstand vibration for a smoother hitting experience. The grip is a standard factory grip.