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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Memorial Day Ball Gear Sales Weekend Deals

Memorial Day Ball Gear Sales Weekend Deals

July 3, 2020 | by | @BatDigest

There are two things to buy in the baseball and softball world on Memorial day.

Cool Americana items.

Stuff that goes on crazy sale because most of 2019 bats come off of MAP pricing.

(What is MAP Pricing?)

We cover both below.

Jump to the deals.

8 Best American Designs for Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day Bat

#1 Adidas One Nation Helmet

Over the top? Probably. Awesome. Definitely. This batting helmet from Adidas is amazing. It comes in a number of sizes, isn’t necessarily cheap, but you can be sure people will notice it.

Price Check

Memorial Day Bat Deals Gear

#2 Franklin CFX Pro Chrome

Franklin Gloves going to shelf with these Chrome American style batting gloves. To boot, rumor has it that Franklin Batting Gloves will be 20% on Memorial Day.

Price Check

Memorial Day Bat

#3 Lizard Skin Hero Bat Grip

This is a subtle Americana approach from Lizard and we love it. It’s also available in the 1.1 and 1.8mm and recommend the 1.8 for younger players. Simple, useful, and will work on just about any designed bat.

Price Check

Memorial Day Bat Deals Gear

#4 Lizard Skin Komodo Pro

Another top Lizard Skin design for the American patriot at the plate. These are highly rated batting gloves from a company that knows grips. Design looks great and the mesh back is a great touch.

Price Check

Memorial Day Bat

#5 Wilson 1786 America

Looking for a new infield glove that we think is the best baseball glove? Do you also love America? This 1786 in the Americana design is right up your alley.

Price Check

Memorial Day Bat Deals Gear

#6 Victus TS2 USA Bat

Want a BP Youth bat? Or, better yet, want to show the world you can drop bombs and hit like a man? Why not choose the same bat 1 out of 5 MLP players do in a Victus stick.

Price Check

Memorial Day Bat

#7 Slugger 6 Star Armed Forces Limited Edition MLB PRIME

Slugger’s MLB PRIME work for 2020 has been outstanding. It is topped by the Army 6 star design. These are pro level wood bats made in limited fashion. You won’t know if you want to hit with or hang it above your fireplace.

Price Check

Memorial Day Bat Deals Gear

#8 All Star NOCSAE Certified Chest Gear

If you’ve yet to hear, all Catcher’s gear at the high school level and above will require NOCSAE certification for 2020 and beyond. So, since your forced to be in the market for gear, go to town on a sweet All Star American design.

Price Check

List of 2019 Memorial Day Weekend Bat Deals

Manufactures start to UNLOAD baseball and softball inventory on Memorial day. They know the season is winding down and demand is about to plummet. This is their last horrah to blow stuff out and they usually do a pretty good job.

We’ve searched everywhere.

Here is the general sense for the 2019 Memorial Day Bat Sales.


Start on Amazon’s sports deals page. Most major deals get put on there and you can expect Amazon to have some surprise deals on Monday.

Dicks Sporting Goods

40% off closeout bats.
20% off Franklin Batting Gloves.
$20 off $100 or More.
%20 off The Fan Shop.

Just Bats

Bat Deal Section—expect considerable discounts on Monday

Baseball Express

Additional 40% Off Closeout Bats. Use Code: PATRIOT40 at checkout.

We started to list every deal we could find but found that to be a colossal amount of work.

Intead, we thought we could get you on your path with some general links and then you can search through what you might like.

Has a few bats a gloves at prices we’ve never seen. Some Americana themed bats and military items including wraps, gloves, catcher’s gear and more.


All of DeMarini’s Fastpitch bats have come off of MAP pricing.

And DeMarini’s outlet for apparel:


See Slugger’s wood bat bundle deals.

Also, slugger’s outlet for apparel deals:


See the outlets page:


More deals are coming this weekend, but they do have a commemorative baseball that will be used this weekend.

What is Off MAP Pricing?

As most bats were released around September of the previous year, manufactures often remove MAP pricing around Memorial day. That means, it is often the first time you can buy bats from a legit company below the MSRP. in other words, discounts!

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