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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Amazon Prime Day Baseball & Softball Deals

Amazon Prime Day Baseball & Softball Deals

July 3, 2020 | by | @BatDigest

We stayed up late and searched through every 2019 Amazon Prime Day Baseball/Fastpitch deal we could find.

We put together a hot list of links we thought would be useful in your search. There are a few serious deals we’ve never seen the likes of.

One Day Left Update

We went back through the Prime Deals on Day 2 of Prime Day. We found a few new winners worth mentioning. (Although, again, the real trick is just going there and start searching.)

Day 2 Finds


Amazon Prime Day BB/FP Deal Links

You can find most of the deals we really liked by following the category and search links below. Many of the deals you need to click on the item and size to see the final price. Others, you even need to add it to your cart (like the A2Ks). There is a blue banner that says “Prime Day Deal” next to the items that qualify. You need to be a Prime Member to get the deals. The first month of that is free.

Our Favorite 2019 Prime Day Baseball/Softball Gear Deals

Just click and buy away on these 6 deals we found. Seriously, killer, unloading deals a few of them.


Wilson A2K Options

If you can find an A2K for less than $250 brand new then you should seriously consider it. The sub $250 price shows ONLY by adding it to your cart on the desktop Amazon site (not on the Amazon app). Go to your favorite online glove shop and find an A2K for less than $259. You rarely ever can; most are well over $300. Yet, here we are, still talking, while Amazon Prime day has 4 of them (at the time of this writing) under $250. You have to put it in your cart to see the discount. These are legit $350+ gloves all day.

Price Check


Legit Wilson Practice Balls

Good quality for a price you won’t be able to beat—especially come next February when you’re looking for more baseballs. Can you ever have enough of these?

Price Check


Maurcci CAT 7 Drop 10

Marucci Bats (CAT 7)

People love this bat. And, if you’re looking for the right size, it might be as cheap as we’ve ever seen it. When we first looked the 29/19 was almost just $100. But, if you don’t want this one, then check out the F5 and a few other bats from Marucci on Amazon Prime Day.

Price Check


Bat Guide for Dummies

DeMarini Voodoo USA

Lots of people haven’t tried this bat. Yet, lots of those people think some other bat is the best USA bat. They are wrong and we have the data to prove it. 🙂 We think this is the best USA bat–and way under valued in the market this year. We tested it, measured exit speeds and have the data to prove it. At the time of this writing, the 30/20 was almost $100. That is crazy town. Buy it. Thank us later.

Not all the sizes were the same price. It was the 30/20 that was crazy discounted.

Price Check


DeMarini Bat Reviews

DeMarini Bats

To be honest, and this will show our bias, whenever DeMarini bats go on sale we sort of lose our minds. Tons of DeMarini bats on Prime day deals. Really depends on the exact size you need if its a deal or not. Make sure you also check the JustBats and CloseoutBats of the world before you pull the trigger–but there are for sure some deals to be had in this list.

Price Check


Best Fastpitch Bat

2019 Slugger LXT

Ugh. Just stop reading already and buy this thing. If you need a 32/22 you can get it for about $200 on Prime Day (the other sizes aren’t priced out that well). This is considered by most the best bat in fastpitch. And the 2020 version is good, but come on now, it isn’t that much different. For $200? Crazy town. Buy it already. The other sizes we’d suggest you shop around.

Price Check

There are so many other deals. At this point, if the 6 deals above didn’t get you there, we suggest you wonder over to the DeMarini bat, Rawlings, Slugger Bat or Marucci bat search Prime Day page and see what you can find.

Oddly, we didn’t find any Easton stuff. Maybe they weren’t interested this year. In any event, the other guys stepped to the plate.

Baseball Audio Book Deals

We also love to read or listen to books. And we love to convince others to do so too.

If you’ve never signed up for Amazon’s Audible (which is an online audio book service) now is the time.

The first Prime deal we think is well worth your time is a subscription to Audible. The breadth of baseball books is unmatched. They are offering 40% off your first 6 months. So, basically, something like less than $9 per audio book. These books often run $25 and at least $15 if you are outside of the prime deal. Here are the 6 baseball books we would recommend.

Here are some of the favorite baseball books we’ve read over the last few years.

Prime Membership

You do need a Prime Membership for any of these deals to work for you. That is the “catch” no doubt. From what we understand, if you sign up during this period then you get a certain time period for free (like 30 days) and then you can, if you don’t like it, cancel then without paying anything. You still get to keep the deals you got today and tomorrow.

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2 years ago

Will y’all update deals today?

2 years ago

Are you going to do an update for Prime Day 2018 with the best deals?


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