Updated: September 16, 2020

Wilson Glove Day

Very few “deal days” are actual “deal days.” (ahem, Harbor Freight). If every day is a deal, how can any particular day be a deal?

We digress.

Wilson’s Glove day is a beautiful exception. It’s deal-day on, you guessed it, gloves.

They run it one time a year on what sometimes feels like a random day in September or October. This year the magical day is 9.16.2020.

Wilson Glove Day Selections

We hate to sound like fanboys. But we aren’t kidding. Today is the day to buy a glove.

Baseball, fastpitch, and slowpitch gloves are on a deep discount. The deals are found directly on Wilson’s outlet page.

You will never find as wide a selection of A2000 and A2K gloves on a discount as you will on Wilson Glove Day.

Prices range from $155 (A2000) to $215 (A2K). They have every fielding position covered with, it appears, a heavy emphasis on 1st baseman’s gloves.  There is also a wide selection of SuperSkin and traditional backing and many high volume pro gloves from Pedroia and Betts.

Not to be outdone, you can also find some lower-end gloves like the A1000 and A360.

The Glove We Bought

For Glove Day, we are suckers. We always end up buying something. But, we can’t get enough of this dark color traditional leather in a 1785 model. The white seams are perfect, and, turns out, we don’t have an 11.75″ glove in our repertoire. What could we possibly use if we get called up one day to play 3rd? We’ll need a big, longer infield glove. And that I-web stitching is the best thing on the planet.