Updated: May 27, 2023

What’s The Best Bat for my Age?

Are you looking for the best bat for a specific age?

For starters, you’re asking a great question because the first trick in getting the right bat is realizing that your best bat bet is not one someone else can hit the hardest. We’ve spent hours hitting each age group and collecting data to determine the best bat age. And it’s so much information that we’ve put in their links and pages that you can find below.

Best Bat for 7 Year Old

When choosing the best bat for a 7-year-old, the focus should be on selecting the appropriate size rather than a specific bat model. Our experience has shown that the critical factor is the ability to swing the bat with force rather than the brand or model itself. While we prefer bats like the Omaha, F5, and CAT, which offer an excellent feel, what matters most is that they are available in the sizes commonly used for 7U players – the primary consideration guiding our decision. We would not worry about composite or alloy barrels at this age; either works, and cheaper is usually brighter.

Best Bat for 8 Year Old

The best bat for an 8-year-old should also over-prioritize finding the right size rather than focusing on a specific bat model. We’ve found that this rarely generates enough collision force (between pitch speed and swing speed) to engage the limit that composite barrels can achieve. As such, we don’t find it very useful to spend more to get a composite barrel—even though they might feel better and have more barrel per swing weight. Get the right size and swing weight, and don’t worry too much about the brand.

Best Bat for 9 Year Old

Finding the perfect bat for a 9-year-old can be challenging. On the one hand, your young player is still growing and won’t require a bat for an extended period. On the other hand, many 9-year-olds are starting to take baseball or fastpitch seriously, and having the right bat can make a significant difference for travel ball or all-star teams. However, it’s also difficult to justify investing considerably in a high-end bat that will outlast their usage.

For those highly dedicated to baseball or fastpitch at nine years old, we recommend choosing the top choices on our lists. Later, you can consider selling the bat in the secondary market when the next season arrives, or your child outgrows it. If your child is playing recreational baseball and still figuring things out, we suggest sticking with more affordable options, as the choice of the bat won’t have as much impact. If your child only needs a bat for this year and you want to provide them with a viable option, it’s best to go for the less expensive alternatives.

Best Bat for 10 Year Old

We’ve extensively tested various bats, including Youth USSSA, USA, and fastpitch models for 10-year-olds. Our comprehensive data collection forms the basis of our curated list of the top bats for 10-year-olds. We believe that for players of any age, finding the right bat size is paramount, even more so than selecting the absolute “best” bat model. Using an ill-fitted bat can spell disaster for an otherwise promising hitting season.

Over the last several years, the play has been to purchase a used DeMarini CF for around $150 and then, when the year is over, sell it back for about the same price that you got it. The bat’s are great and can perform as well as any other out there.

Best Bat for 11  Year Old

At 11 years old, players become more serious about baseball and fastpitch, leading to a greater focus on bat type and feel. They see better pitching and develop more substantial swing speeds. As a result, our bat recommendations for softball and baseball tend to be pricier compared to younger age groups. Even our cheaper options are not inexpensive. However, we believe serious players must prioritize their bat choice about now. While a bat can’t fix a bad swing, it can significantly impact a committed player’s performance.

Of course, if the player is not taking it very seriously, just about any is going to e just fine. Don’t overthink it. But, if you’re playing something beyond rec and it appears your kid wants to be serious about the sport, it’s about time to spend some money on a bat (which can be used, but a $50 to $100 option at a big box store is not the way to go here). See some ideas that we have for 11-year-olds here.

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Best Bat for 12 Year Old

When finding the best bat for a 12-year-old, it’s crucial to consider the player’s growth and skill development. Players are likely more experienced at this age and face more challenging competition, and spending a bit more on a bat here makes sense. Also, for most leagues, this is baseball players’ last full year in non-BBCOR. Kids are growing so much at this age that selecting the appropriate bat size remains paramount, ensuring the player can generate sufficient swing speed and power. Generally, we’d lend towards a composite barrel.

Best Bat for 13 Year Old

For 13-year-olds, finding the best bat involves considering their physical growth and performance requirements. They also have another variable of league requirements. As players enter their teenage years, they often face stronger pitchers and need a bat that can handle higher velocities. The choice should still prioritize the correct bat size, enabling players to optimize their swing mechanics and generate maximum power. But, there should be considerable effort to care about handle size, feel, grip, and knob types. Additionally, considering factors like material (composite, alloy), barrel construction, and brand reputation can help guide the selection process. If they’re swinging BBCOR, check this article too.

Best Bat for 14 Year Old

When searching for the best bat for a 14-year-old player, it’s essential to consider their physical growth and skill development. Players may compete at a more advanced level at this stage, facing stronger pitchers and higher velocities. Finding the right bat size remains critical to ensure proper swing mechanics and optimal power generation. Additionally, considering factors like material (composite, alloy), barrel construction, and league regulations will assist in making an informed decision.

Fastpitch players should really shy away from drop 11’s at this age. Get to that lower drop weight to find more power in your barrel.

This group should be either looking for the best BBCOR, Fastpitch, or Wood bats explicitly.

Best Bat for 15 Year Old

A 15-year-old has about the exact requirements as a 14-year-old. They’re entering their sophomore or Junior year at the end of this year, and they should, if they’re serious about bats, have a great sense of what they like. Two-piece composite? Alloy? Light swing? Fat handle? Angled handle? All those factors should help narrow down a specific type of bat, and then you need to decide if you want to buy it used or new. Once there, pull the trigger. If unsure, check these based on your league and requirements: BBCOR, Fastpitch, or Wood.

Best Bat for 16-18 Year Old

Selecting the best bat becomes crucial for their competitive endeavors as players progress into the 16-18 age range. High school players must often adhere to BBCOR standards, which limit the bat’s performance to ensure fair play. Considering the player’s size, strength, swing mechanics, and personal preferences becomes vital to finding the ideal bat. Evaluating factors like material (composite, alloy), barrel construction, handle stiffness, and brand reputation will assist in making an informed decision for 16 to 18-year-old players.

But the real factor here is the growth of actual muscle. Generally, it would be best not to swing the same size bat at 18 that you were swinging at 16. That said, many are swinging a bat too heavy for them as a sophomore because they don’t want to appear weak to their teammates. So, it’s possible by 17/18; they are now swinging the right-size bat.

Fastpitch players should consider a drop 9 or even 8 at this age. Getting the most out of your bat requires we add mass at this point and that extra ounce in the barrel can go a long way.

In any case, you should know what you like by now. We’d argue that don’t hesitate to buy used, try out a new bat, or, our favorite, go old school. Check these: BBCOR, Fastpitch, or Wood.

What’s the Best Bat for My Age?

Finding the best bat for a specific age requires considering size, skill level, league regulations, and personal preferences. Prioritizing the right bat size over a particular model is crucial for younger players, such as 7 to 10-year-olds, while keeping affordability in mind. As players progress into their pre-teen and teenage years, the focus shifts to bat type, feel, and performance, considering materials like composite or alloy barrels. Transitioning to BBCOR standards becomes important for high school baseball players aged 14 to 18. Whether choosing a new or used bat, selecting the one that suits the player’s growth, swing mechanics, and hitting goals is crucial.