Updated: July 30, 2022

USSSA CF vs. Quatro Pro

 Dear Bat Guy,

Looking to buy one bat only, broke it down between usssa cf (black and gold) and the Rawlings Quatro Pro (cherry bomb) recommend one to me please so I can stop trying to find videos of them against each other.


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Ha. We feel your pain. The research is never-ending.

Let us put you out of your misery: Buy the CF with a warranty and never look back. We think that bat outperforms all the rest by a measurable margin.

CF vs Quatro Pro USSSA

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The CF has the perfect blend of feel and power. We’ve yet to speak to any player that has a CF who thinks it is anything but remarkable.

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Does the CF Break?

Yes. Yes. It can break. But, we feel confident, the Black and Gold version you are considering breaks no more than any other high-end USSSA bat—including the Quatro.

It doesn’t help its reputation of breaking that the CF is the most popular USSSA bat by a considerable margin. Therefore it does have the most incidence of breaking. We don’t have the exact numbers but would guess there are ten times more CFs on the market than Quatros in the USSSA market. So, it follows, it likely has ten times more people complaining about it breaking.

Is the Quatro in USSSA Bad?

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The Quatro is not a terrible bat by any means. We like it in BBCOR and think the USA version is a real contender. But, in USSSA, we believe it is beatable. We believe the CAT 8, CF, and Prime are better in terms of overall performance and value. But, if Rawlings is your choice and someone is enamored with the idea of the cherry bomb than fair enough.

(On a complete side note and as a bit of a rant, we think the Cherry Bomb name is lame. We liked the Glow Stick. But Cherry Bomb? Meh.)

To be real to the point, we can’t think of a time we would recommend the Quatro Pro in USSSA over the CF. So, stop watching videos and get to it. 🙂

(Recommending bats always seems so easy when it’s not our money.)

Good luck!
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