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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Small Wood Bat Companies | Boutique Timber Bats

Updated September 19, 2020

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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There are a lot of small wood bat companies. Of course, you have the usual suspects like Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Rawlings, and Sam. Newer guys, like Victus and Tucci, have hit the big time too.

But there are also several small wood bat companies out there offering quality wood bats. Most of which you have never known.

We tracked who gets the most play in the MLB.

Our effort here is devoted to the smaller companies turning wood bats—many of which you’ve likely never heard. Here is a list of small wood bat companies and a write up on a few of them.

You might also like our conversation on the best wood bats.

Know of other small wood bat companies NOT on this list? Leave a comment below, and we’ll add them.

Southern Timber

Small Wood Bat Companies

Southern Timber is a single owned and operated company located in Alexandria, AL. They have been in operation since 2016, so just a short time. Their focus is on four models of bats: a balanced, medium-sized barrel (2 ½”) with a thin handle that is popular for youth and high school hitters, an end-loaded model geared toward power hitters, and a model geared toward contact or gap hitters. Then finally, a custom model is driven by the knob. This knob is Hamate injury friendly, allowing the hitter to hang their pinky over the end.


Small Wood Bat Companies

Outlaw Wood Bats fits the bill here. They do their best to get customers a quality bat at a very reasonable price. Options range from adult wood, youth wood, softball wood, trainers, and fungo bats for coaches. They also offer the three significant wood options, ash, birch, and maple. Birch and maple bats cost an extra ten bucks. Ordering is online only. Colors can be customized, and inscription is added at no additional cost.


Miguel Cabrera's Bat

Zinger Bats is a small company, relatively speaking, in that all they do is bats. Based in Chandler, Arizona, they have former professional baseball players working for them, which has played a large part in getting these bats in the hands of current professional players. While Zinger is a small wood bat company, you may see their bats when you turn on the television.


Small Wood Bat Companies

Warstic also makes some metal bats too. But, they are most famous for the remarkably beautiful wood bats they make. Big fans of the vibe these folks put off. They remind us of a younger Chandler Bats.

Bamboo Wood Bats

Small Wood Bat Companies

Bamboo Bats are, literally, bamboo. They are the environmentally friendly bat option for wood bat lovers that want a soft, very durable, feel.

Beaver Bats

Small Bat Companies

Beaver bats, another small operation that most have never heard of, make high-quality bats in every size and custom imaginable. Take a look at their site.

Stinger Wood Bats

Stinger Wood BAts

Another of several legitimate wood bat manufacturers that fewer people know about is Stinger Bats. They make big-time stuff at a more reasonable price. They get their wood from the same trees as the big boys. We like Stinger and use a few of their bats for winter BP all the time.

Meridian Wood Bats

Small Wood Bat Companies

Another high-quality wood bat company that is just too small for people to notice is Meridian Wood Bats.

Show Wood Bats

Show Wood Bat Reviews

Remember that guy who hit home runs in the same MLB game? He uses a SHOW bat. They are also a small wood bat company that makes legit sticks for a reasonable price — not much different than the big boys’ bats.

Small Wood Bat Company Reviews

The world of wood bats is becoming the topic of discussion as much of the baseball world is transitioning to the new USA bat standard. This new standard is said to be more wood-like, which raises the question, why not just use wood? Check out JBR’s wood bat reviews.

There are benefits to using wood bats. Trying to find this advice from a non-wood bat company can be challenging. Of course, a wood bat company is going to say there are benefits to sell a product.

While there are several options out there of wood bats, some people might like the idea of buying something different or maybe supporting a local business. Maybe create a little wow factor when out on the ball field.

Updated September 19, 2020

September 19, 2020

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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Small Wood Bat Companies | Boutique Timber Bats


Anonymous says:

Sasquatch Bat Co.

Don says:

Smacker Bats out of Arizona.

Brian Miran says:

MBC bats (Miran bat company)out of Glenn’s ferry Idaho.

Shawn Racignol says:

Quinn wood bat Co.

Out of Maine. Family owned. Great baseball man that cuts his own logs. Fantastic quality.

Hope Wormuth says:

Stone Bat Co. in Pennsylvania, owned, engineered, and operated by a 20 year old mechanical engineering student baseball athlete

Anonymous says:

Young Bat Company
Fletcher NC
Made them for the MLB in the 90’s

Jonathan Chapman says:

Gryphon Bats
Nashua NH

Alex says:

Vullo Bat Company, Spokane, Wash.

My son loves his Annex bat!

Birdman Bats in Redwood City, CA

I prefer ash over maple any day of the week and I love B45 Bats!

Old Hickory Bats, Goodlettsville TN

Michael Grahl says:

Ritchie Bat Company superior product and service. Wood bat more pop than any USA aluminum or composite I bought for my son.

Paul Springer says:

Ritchie Bats used by several leagues and is applying for MLB. Some pros use them for personal bats.

Phillip Luke says:

Southern Timber is unreliable. Takes 3-4 times as long as promised to get bats. Sent us a different color than we ordered. Had to threaten to sue them to get bats at all

Anonymous says:

BPAPA BATS in Minnesota

Anonymous says:

Small Wisconsin company Three Brothers Bats. LaCrosse WI

Trevor Moss says:

Walkoff Wood Bat Co. in Savannah, MO

Tre Brown says:

Zeus bat company based out of Copperas Cove, Texas. It’s a veteran owned company that produces great bats at a very affordable price.

Carey Causey says:

Prairie Sticks in Lacombe Alberta Canada

greg barker says:

Young Bat Company in Fletcher, NC.

Anonymous says:

Superior Bat Company in Jamestown, NY

James Nadal says:

Lone Star Lumber Bat Company

Burleson, Texas

Martin Dubé says:

Zero K Bats in Quebec, Canada

Tim says:

Birdman Bats
San Francisco, CA

Nick Reed says:

Veteran Bat Co. In Comanche Oklahoma. Pro certified.

John says:

Baret Bat & Glove Company in Washington, DC.

Joe says:

Birdman Bats in San Francisco CA

Anonymous says:

Sterling Bat Company in Los Angeles CA

Mike says:

Found a new sterling bat, do not know anything about this company
Any pros and cons

Anonymous says:

AUL Bats in Pittsburgh PA

Anonymous says:

Baret Bats in Northern Virginia

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