Updated: July 3, 2020

LXT vs XENO | Slugger’s Fastpitch Head to Head

One of the most popular fast pitch questions asks to explain the difference between the Louisville Slugger LXT and Xeno. Below is a head to head comparison.

Why Choose the XENO over the LXT?

Xeno Vs LXT

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The XENO is, about, $50 less than the LXT due to the fact the LXT has a slighter longer sweet spot and the LXT uses a more forgiving transition piece (iST vs the TRU3). So, those who should choose the XENO include those who:

  • Are a tighter budget
  • Don’t prefer a more forgiving feel on mishits
  • Are capable with a bat that has a slightly smaller sweet spot.

As a a general rule, younger players how still player serious baseball will likely prefer the LXT over the XENO.

Why Choose the LXT over the XENO?


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The LXT is, about, $50 more than the XENO. This increase in price comes from the more advanced transtiion piece (called the TRU3) and the fact it has a slightly longer sweet spot. So, those who will like the LXT over the XENO are:

  • Not as much concern about budget
  • Prefer a smoother smash on mishits
  • Willing to spend more to get a slightly longer sweet spot.

Slugger LXT vs XENO Table Comparison

Bat Xeno Plus LXT Hyper
Price (MAP) 299.95 349.95
Connection iST Plus Tru3
Barrel S1iD PBF
Available Weights -8, -9, -10, -11 -8, -9, -10, -11
Swing Weight Balanced Balanced
Louisville Slugger Website Copy “The most popular bat in the Fastpitch game brings even more to the plate, with its Performance PLUS Composite and zero-friction double-wall design allowing the barrel to reach its maximum flex without resistance. The patented 2-piece iST technology in the transition from handle to barrel eliminates negative feedback on mis-hit balls, and now this iST technology features a stiffer feel for energy transfer. The patented S1iD barrel technology give the Xeno PLUS the right mix of undeniable power, massive sweet spot, superior balance and lighter swing weight. “The LXT HYPER features new technology for the ultimate balanced swing weight and maximum pop, allowing players to get the most from their bat when they step into the box. The LXT HYPER is built with a 100% composite design and new PBF Barrel Technology that doubles the sweet spot for unmatched power. Louisville Slugger has improved the patented TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection, allowing for necessary movement between the barrel and handle to maximize the barrel trampoline effect and eliminate negative vibration – giving you the best possible feel when you bring the bat through the zone. The most powerful bat in the game just got a lot more pop.

The 2 Major Area Differences between the Xeno and LXT


Connection – iST vs Tru3:  The Xeno with the iST is going to swing stiffer than the LXT using the Tru3.  Players are going to feel a lot more flex in that transition area where the bat deflects (bends back) on impact when swinging the LXT.  The LXT with Tru3 will also absorb more vibration on mishits because of how it’s developed.  Feel usually comes down to personal preference.

Barrel – Since they both use the same type of materials to create the composite barrel, the main difference comes down to the inner discs that act as a governor to keep the bats legal.  The Xeno has always used and currently uses 2 internal discs.  The LXT Hyper eliminated one of the discs and just uses 1 to create the new PBF barrel.  This means that the LXT will still max out at the legal limit, but the sweet spot will be wider allowing it to perform better along the length of the barrel.

If you’re trying to decide which one is better for you, you need to decide what type of feel you prefer and if $50 is worth it to get a wider sweet spot.  They are both great bats, you can’t go wrong with either.