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Bat Blog – Recent Reviews – Bat Digest

Welcome to the world’s most excellent baseball and fastpitch bat blog on the internet. We’ve been covering bats independently since 2015 and write and review about bats without pause. See and categorize below to find what you’re looking for.

2015 Mizuno Nighthawk Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

Clearly this is a high performance bat made for players looking for the absolute most out of their fastpitch softball bat. Its price point ($299 retail) puts it in some serious company but it's hard to say any player would go wrong choosing the 2015 Mizuno Nighthawk. It's a performance two piece composite bat in the fastpitch space with improved technology for butter smooth bombs.

2016 Boombah XRT Tsunami Fastpitch Review

We'd recommend the Boombah Tsunami XRT line of fastpitch bats to anyone looking for a value purchase in the fast pitch performance space. These bats are constructed in the same manner as many high-end fastpitch bats but with a generally heavier swing weight. As such, consider sizing down an inch or drop to make sure you get the right size. All in all, you should have confidence in a quality stick for a fraction of the price. (Their site is the only place to buy).

2016 DeMarini CF7 Faspitch Review

The bat also contains the Thermo-fused Taper which reduces vibration and transfers energy back into the barrel of the bat to further increase batted balls' distance and dramatically decrease the sting at contact. This bat is a drop 10 bat and approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. It has a 2 1/4" diameter and is a 2-piece fully composite construction.

DeMarini 2015 CF5 Fastpitch Review

Overall a great bat designed for collegiate players looking to add some pop to their bats without having to look for heavier bats and potentially sacrifice their bat speed.

2015 Axe Avenge Fastpitch Bat Review

But does the strangely shaped handle compromise the feel of what you are accustomed to and, hence, negate any benefits that may come from the design? The answer is simple: No. The bat is easy to adjust to after just a handful of hacks and you'll soon wonder why every bat you've ever swung isn't shaped exactly like this one. (The answer, if you're really wondering, is that Baden Sports/Axe Bats owns the patent).

2016 Worth 2 Legit Review: It’s Legit

Worth has claimed they addressed the durability issues from 2015 in the 2016 model by stiffening up the handle. There is some evidence out there to suggest it worked. However, we'd suggest, due to the amount we read on the bats durability issues in previous years, to make sure you buy this bat new with a receipt (and warranty). This may not be a great second hand bat and even at a steep discount it may not be worth the risk. Although our several hour and several hitter event in the cage didn't appear to show any signs of wear on the 2016 version that is hardly the sample size needed to verify durability.

Product Image

2017 Marucci Pure Fastpitch Review

Our 2017 Marucci Pure Fastpitch Review comes on the heels of a few hours cage work, discussions with the manufacturer and reading every user rated review available on the internet. We found, on the whole, the bat performed as well as any performance fastpitch bat we've seen in the space. Our players in the 2, 3, 5 and 6 spots in the line up preferred it's balanced swing and sting dampening to other heavier swinging bats.

2014 Easton FS1 Fastpitch Review | Blast from the Past

If you can find a 2014 Easton FS1 still in good shape we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for any hitter who satisfies at least one of the following:
  • Prefers a balanced to light swing weight
  • Would prefer as much barrel as possible per swing weight
  • Likes the absorption of vibration within the bat instead of their hands
  • Is willing to afford it
  • Is okay with the idea of an older bat
  • Can't find a 2013 FS1 (as it's nearly identical)

Product Image

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat Review

Our research on the Axe bat design spans well over 2 years now and includes hours and hours of hitting experience. Add to that our obsession with learning everything about the 2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat, and we have enough data for a review. On the whole, the Axe Lawrie is built as a value purchase in the light swinging fastpitch space.

2017 Louisville Slugger X12 Review | Fastpitch Entry Level

We reviewed a number of sources in putting together this article on the 2017 Louisville Slugger X12 fastpitch bat. For starters, we checked our 2017 DeMarini Vendetta Review and our overall Fastpitch Bat Reviews page. You may also find our XENO and LXT Slugger reviews worth a few minutes of your time. Off this site, there are a few places to find some insight on the X12. Reviews can be found on Amazon's product section. As well, and Modell's sporting goods have some insight.

Product Image

2018 DeMarini CFX Review

DeMarini's CFX (the new CF Zen) in fastpitch is a light swinging two-piece composite with a big barrel. The bat's connection piece is less stiff compared to other fast-pitch bats like the LXT or Xeno. The differentiation between fastpitch bats is very little, and this bat, in the right hands, can perform as well as any hitter on the planet.

Product Image

2020 DeMarini Prism Reviews

For 2020, DeMarini has released the Prism out of its D-Labs and into the broader market. They also added a drop 11 to its very popular drop 10 status. For the drop 10, it is the same bat as the 2019 version. For 2019 it had a limited release. No matter what you call it, the Prism is the same double barreled light swing with a massive sweet spot, fantastic feel and a balanced swing. See DeMarini's D-Labs where the Prism was born. In its original release, due to unexpected demand, the Prism was hard to find in stock. These days its pretty available at just about every major, serious outlet.

Product Image

2016 Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Review

We spent 2 hours in our cage comparing the 2016 Louisville Slugger LXT PLUS Fastpitch softball bat to other similar designs in the market. We received feedback from 4 different hitters---each of whom plays competitive fastpitch.

Product Image

2019 Mizuno Carbon 1 Review

We hit the 2019 Mizuno Carbon 1 over 300 times with 3 different hitters. (This was the drop 10, not the drop 13).

Product Image

2019 Louisville Slugger LXT Review

We hit with the 2019 LXT from Slugger nearly 800 times before writing this review. During that time, we documented exit speeds, barrel sizes and the swing weight of the bat.

Product Image

2020 Louisville Slugger Xeno Review

Although the 2020 Slugger Xeno is a twin of the 2019 version we still think it one of the best fastpitch bats. We almost get the feel the bat is trying to be phased out---as the price difference between the LXT and without any upgrades. But, in our universe, the Xeno still delivers as much quality, value and performance as any fastpitch bat on the 2020 market.

Product Image

2020 DeMarini FNX Rising Review

Our 2020 DeMarini FNX Rising review includes three hitters with over 300 hits on the bat. We also measured swing weights, took video and documented exit speeds. In short, the FNX rising is a legit bat made specifically for the big hitter who likes a stiff feel and doesn't mind hand ring. Although the swing weight is in the same realm as other 'balanced' bats, it is clearly made for the hitter who swings hard and can barrel up a ball.

Product Image

2020 DeMairni CF Fastpitch Review

Our 2020 DeMarini CF Fastpitch review consisted of 400 hits, from 3 different players on both live pitching and tee work. Overall, we rated the 2020 CF Fastpitch bat as the best fastpitch bat for 2020. If that isn't saying enough, we loved the exit speeds, sizing options, swing weight and feel. We think the bat, to say the least, is highly recommendable.

Product Image

2020 Louisville Slugger LXT Review

In June of 2019, Slugger released the Louisville Slugger LXT 2020. It comes with many of the same great features (even all of them) as the 2019 version. The Louisville Slugger LXT for 2020 review, ratings and places to buy are below.

Product Image

2020 Marucci Echo Fastpitch Review

Marucci continues to be serious about breaking into the fastpitch market. For 2020, Marucci closes the gap between the top echelon of the fastpitch space and its offerings with the Echo and Echo Connect. After hitting with the bats, measuring their swing weights, exit speeds, and comparing them to other top-end fastpitch bats, we review the 2020 Echo and 2020 Echo Connect fastpitch bats here.

Product Image

2023 Rawlings Mantra 2.0 Review

The 2023 Rawlings Mantra is a two-piece composite bat with a big barrel and light swing. It's a drop ten and drops nine bats that come with a new handle design for a bit more durability when compared to the 2021 Mantra, which has just about the same design. Expect a light swing and excellent performance from the 2023 Mantra 2.0.

Product Image

2021 DeMarini Prism Reviews

For 2021, releases a 3rd iteration of the new Prism fastpitch line. The bat hasn't changed much from its release as a D-Lab bat for 2019. It is still a big barrel, light swing, flexible feel, and a high-end performance fastpitch bat. They have added some sizing options for 2021, and it competes for head to head with its sister bat, the CF, and bats like Easton's Ghost Advanced and Louisville Slugger's LXT and META.

Product Image

2022 DeMarini CF Zen Fastpitch Review

DeMarini's CF for 2022 is a light swinging high, performing bat with a long barrel and flexible connection piece. Compared to the 2020 version, the 2021 DeMarini CF Fastpitch bat is all the same. In our tests with real high school fastpitch players, we found that smaller players tended towards the CF over bats like the Ghost or Xeno. Specifically, the drop 11 2021 CF is hard to beat in that swing weight class. The Drop 10 has plenty of competition, and we'd recommend only for the players who prefer lighter swinging fastpitch bats.

Product Image

2022 Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Review

After 500 hits by 4 different fastpitch players, we think the 2022 Louisville Slugger LXT is a fantastic fastpitch bat. In fact, for 2022, we named it the overall best fastpitch bat 2022. We love its robust sizing, excellent semi-flexible feel, huge barrel, top-end exit speeds, and fantastic player feedback.

Product Image

2021 Louisville Slugger LXT Review

The Louisville Slugger LXT 2021 is a two-piece composite bat with a big barrel and top-grade performance reviews. The fastpitch bat has dominated the space and, for 2021, comes in a drop 8 through drop 11. They upgraded the 2021 end cap as well as a new grip. Otherwise, it's about the same bat---which is an excellent thing.

Product Image

2023 DeMarini Whisper Bat Review

The 2023 DeMarini Whisper is a two-piece composite fastpitch bat built with double-walled and huge barrel, light swing and top-end performance. It is DeMarini's new flagship fastpitch bat and, we believe, attempts to replace the CF in the coming years and really attempts to take market share from Easton's Ghost.

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