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Bat Blog – Recent Reviews – Bat Digest

Welcome to the world’s most excellent baseball and fastpitch bat blog on the internet. We’ve been covering bats independently since 2015 and write and review about bats without pause. See and categorize below to find what you’re looking for.

October Deals

8 Fall Closeout Bat Deals You Won’t See Again

Thinking of buying a bat in September or October? 10/10 Only: DeMarini is doing an 50% sale. 10/10 Only: Louisville Slugger Doing a 50% Sale. Probably not. But that is just the point. It is officially the the BEST time to buy baseball and softball bats. Here's why. Vendors and... read more

HitTrax Batting Cage

HitTrax Batting Cage

Looking for a HitTrax Batting Cage near you? We spent time in the Dick's Sporting Goods (Henderson, Nevada location) with their HitTrax setup to do some bat fitting and a home run derby. Here's what we learned. 4 Things to Notice for Bat Fitting in a HitTrax Cage We've... read more

2019 College World Series Bat Data

2019 Baseball College World Series Bats

If you want even more updates, check out our twitter feed. Updated 6/27/ 11:15am MST Well, we made it back from the 2019 CWS. The Vandy boys pulled it off (again). It was a fun run. Here's our video of the Wilson shop called the Baseball Experience. Updated 6/22... read more

Back to the BESR

By Jon Zayle and Brian Duryea What are BESR Bats? BESR was the baseball bat certification requirement for NCAA and high school baseball play between 1998 and 2011. Short History - BESR was implemented in 1998 to address non-wood bat performance. Through the early 2000's under the BESR standard, bat... read more

Catcher's Gear Certification NOCSAE

New NOCSAE Catchers Gear Certifications | 2020 Rule Changes

Here's what you need to know about the new NOSCAE Catcher's Gear requirement for high school and college ball. For 2020 high school baseball requires a NOCSAE certified chest protector. The NCAA pushed their requirement out to 2021. The rules are NOT in place for youth (non-high school). Most chest... read more

Is The Goods that Goods

How Good is The Goods & Other Tales of Bat Inflation

Baseball is back. It seems like a year ago that the 33” 2020 Meta was banned, causing players and parents all over the U.S. to lose their minds. I mean, if a kid doesn’t have a bat that has been on the market for all of 5 seconds, how will they possibly... read more

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