Updated: October 27, 2020

Marucci CAT 9 vs DSB Swag

Dear Bat Guy,

Soon to be 9-year-old son will play 9U in USSSA. He will be going up in size from a Cat 8 27” to a 28”. Trying to decide on the new Cat 9 that’s soon to come out or a DSB SWAG. How do they compare? He likes the balanced feel of his Cat 8. 4’5 “ 70 lbs. Thank you.


This is adapted from our advice section.


The DSB Swag (our review) and CAT 9 (our review) will perform and swing similarly. It will come down to your preference for price and sound. Our experience, at ages under 10, the bat’s barrel matters almost not at all. Swing speed and pitch speeds just aren’t fast enough to engage the spring in the barrel. You can get the same trampoline effect on just about any USSSA bat at any age under 9U.

That said, at that age, confidence is the king of ball flight. Whatever bat makes him feel more like he’s got the best in his hands, then that’s the one we’d choose. In no small measure, that depends mostly on what he’s told by his coaches and parents when he has the bat. Both the CAT 9 and SWAG do a great job exuding confidence that transfers to players.

If we had to choose, based on what you’ve said above, if he likes his CAT 8 and you want a new bat, then don’t fix what ain’t broke. Go with the CAT 9 (or the CAT 9 Connect) and let him rip.

Thanks, and we hope that helps.