Updated: October 23, 2020

Little League Age Chart 2020 – Cutoffs Rules

Little League Age Chart for 2020 (and 2019) follows. These cut-off age rules affect players born in August of 2002. Those born before are no longer eligible for “Little League” as they are too old.

Not all little leagues follow the same age rules as Little League. (Notice the capitalization). Little League, properly known, is a formal, nationally recognized league that controls a good swatch of the recreational, neighborhood baseball-type leagues worldwide. But, their rules might not be the ones your local league abides by. If those leagues have different age cutoff dates, then you’d do better to ask them.

Aren’t There Age Rule Changes?

Yes. Well, there were age rule changes. 2018 was the last year a previous May 1 cutoff date was grandfathered for some leagues. Now, September 1st is the new cutoff date for (capital) Little League. Going forward, there are no expectations the birthday or cutoffs (September 1st) will change.

Little League Age Chart 2020

The little league baseball age chart for 2020 looks like the one from 2019. From 2019 and beyond is the same (remove, of course, one year) age cut-offs are used to determine the right league by month and birthday. The cutoff date change that occurred, and has been grandfathered in the last several years, no longer affects current players.

As such, the following chart will show you the birth years and months that coincide with the correct age division. For example, the chart shows a person born in September of 2005 will be in the 14U division Little League season 2020.

Little League Age Chart 2020

Little League Cutoff Dates

September 1st*

*The 12U 2018 season is the last year and age class (2005 Birthdays) to allow the May 1st birthday ballplayers. Come 2018 and beyond, all leagues and ages will use September 1st.

Little League Age Charts

These charts are published on Little League’s website. We cropped them from the PDF and put them here. They are at least slightly confusing, especially the 2018 season, where the change in little league cutoff dates is affected.

But, once you get the hang of them, they are easy enough. Find the month your child was born and follow it down to the year they were born. Once your cell is found, the far right column is the lowest age division your child can play in.

Below are the age charts for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Little Leauge Age Chart 2019

This 2019 Little League Age Chart shows the division a player can play in based on their birth year and month for the 2019 Season. Most 2019 seasons start officially in September of 2018.

Little League Age Chart

This 2018 Little League Age Chart shows the division a player can play in based on their birth year and month for the 2019 Season.

The major hullabaloo that sent many to the internet scrambling for answers was the change in Little League international’s cutoff date. We discuss the reasons and history behind that here.