Updated: June 18, 2024

The Lightest Tee Ball Bat | 294 Paperclips

We just can’t help but notice how perfectly adorable tiny baseball equipment is. Easton has made a t-ball bat that is 24 inches long and, get ready for this, a DROP 13.5! The bat weighs all of 10.5 ounces. It is the Easton Ghost X 24/10.5 tee ball bat. It is the lightest tee ball bat on the market today.

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How Light is 10.5 Ounces?

294 paperclips weigh 10.5 ounces.

For those having trouble getting a feel for how light 10.5 ounces is let me try and help paint a better picture. When our son JUST turned 3 the 24/10.5 ounces Tee Ball Bat was a bit too light for him.

Here is a video of him hitting an older version in a 24/11.

Age Recommendations for the Lightest T Ball Bat

Our size chart doesn’t even go this low. We recommend that a 4 year old use a 12 ounce bat.

But, as their parent, you’ll know where it fits best for them. If they are small for their age or you are looking to get a bat for a 3 year old then this 10.5 ounce bat will work well.

Note, too, a light bat might be the answer for a kid who is really struggling to hit the ball at all, regardless of what age they are.


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Ghost X Tee Ball Bat Construction

The Easton Ghost X Tee Ball bat is a single piece aluminum bat with a 2 1/4 barrel. It has a nice, cushioned grip. It is perfect for the very small player who needs as much help getting the bat around as anyone.

Easton T-Ball Review

It is not, however, inexpensive. Most parents will balk at the $40+ price point. And we agree. At this age paying more than $20 or so dollars on a bat seems ridiculous. But, to each his own. And if you need a 10.5 ounce bat then you have virtually no other options.


Lightest T Ball Bat

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We also really like the HERO tee ball bat form Axe bats. The oval knob gives kids a more natural feel. Although only a drop 11 the 24 inch is a real light swing. In part because of the oval knob that helps swing mechanics (We discuss that more here).

Lightest Tee Ball Bat Durability

Your number one concern about the lightest tee ball bat should be durability.

If you use the bat for tee ball only, with kids that should actually be swinging a 10.5 ounce bat (which are really small kids), then you will have no problem with durability.

On the other hand, if you use the bat for kid pitch or with bigger kids who swing harder, you can fully expect the bat to dent.

Light Tee Ball Bat Recommendations

We would recommend this bat for those hitters who: Are very tiny; Want a cool looking bat like their older brother or sister; want a bat that can be used in both serious and pretend games; want to increase their level of adorableness.

We would not recommend this bat for those hitters who: weigh more than 40 pounds; Would like a bat that can hit a ball further than 45 feet; Can think of something they’d rather have with $20 of birthday money.

The best place to purchase this bat (which is the 2015 version since the 2014 are hard to find anymore) is probably here.