Updated: October 27, 2020

Is the 2020 COMBAT B2 the Same as the Easton Maxum?

Have you checked this bat out? I believe it’s only offered at Justbats.com. It seems to be very well-liked. I would like to hear how it compares to the Maxxum 360 BBCOR.


(This is adapted from our Advice section).


Yes. We have seen it and hit it. The story is long. But, in short, JustBats bought the rights to the Combat bat name when they went out of business a few years back. They remade the Combat Maxum from year’s past and changed the color and image to a new B2 design after an older Combat design.

The bat colorway is new, but the bat is not. It is the Combat Maxum from year’s past remade by JustBats and sold exclusively on their website.

Easton is owned by the same parent company that went bankrupt and, as a result, closed down the Combat Bat operations. (They kept Easton alive). Much of the intellectual property and assets went to Easton. This year (2020), Easton resurrected the Combat Maxum name in a bat of their own called the Easton Maxum. It is designed after the Combat Maxum of old with a few Easton influences.

All three bats, the Easton Maxum, Combat Maxum, and Just Bats Combat B2, are the same idea: A Big barrel on a single piece composite bat. Each has a lighter swing weight. By our measurements, the Just Bats Combat B2 had the lightest swing weight, but that will depend on the model, length, and league you are looking at specifically.

In any event, we hope that helps. The bat industry is full of reprints and acquisitions. It makes it a jungle out there.