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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

The 11 Gifts of Baseball Present

Updated December 17, 2020

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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Updated December 17, 2020

December 17, 2020

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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Are you looking for the best gift for baseball players?

Good. You’ve come to the right place.

Gifts for Baseball Players

We’ve spent the whole year reviewing, playing with, and using baseball and fastpitch gear. Below are our top 11 go-to’s. These are the things we could not live without.

1. Baseball Bats Gifts By Age

If you’re like most parents, you have close to no idea what type of bat to get your player. We could ask many questions, get your feedback, and let you spend hours diving deep into the data on this site. You are, of course, very welcome to do so. But, some folks want a list where they click, add to cart, and get on with their other festivities.

Forgive us for not giving much explanation and justification here. Do know that every choice is well-vetted, tested, and recommended by us. If you’re between a casual and almost very serious baseball player, we bet our picks are right for you.

If that is you, here we go:

Age Bat
Under 6 (Boy or Girl) Axe Hero Tee Ball Bat in a 25/14
7 – Baseball Louisville Slugger Omaha JBB in a 26/16
8 – Baseball Louisville Slugger Omaha JBB in a 27/17
9 – USSSA Baseball Marucci CAT 8 in a 28/18
10 – USSSA Baseball DeMarini CF in a 29/19
11 – USSSA Baseball DeMarini CF in a 30/20
12 – USSSA Baseball Marucci CAT 9 Drop 8 in a 30/22 or 31/23
13 – USSSA Baseball Marucci CAT 9 Drop 5 in a 31/26 or 32/27
9 – USA Baseball Easton ADV 360 -11 in a 28/17
10 – USA Baseball Easton ADV 360 -11 in a 29/18
11 – USA Baseball Easton ADV 360 -11 in a 31/20
12 – USA Baseball DeMarini Voodoo in a 30/25
13 – USA Baseball DeMarini Voodoo in a 31/26 or 32/27
14 – BBCOR 2021 Slugger META in a 31/28
15 – BBCOR 2021 Slugger META in a 32/29
16 – BBCOR 2021 The Goods a 32/29
17 & 18 – BBCOR 2021 The Goods a 33/30
Fastpitch Louisville Slugger LXT in the right size

You can read our full articles on the Best Bats here.

2. Baseball Gloves

Gifts for Baseball PLayers

Okay, Okay. We’re so predictable. A glove as one of the right gifts for a baseball player?

But, for reals, have you ever heard a baseball or fastpitch player say, ‘you know, I have too many gloves.’  No, you haven’t because there’s no such thing.

Secondly, people overthink glove buying way too much. Here’s some of our life advice.

(You may also want to see our best gloves list.)

Glove Buying Rules

  1. If you can find a Wilson A2000 or a Rawlings Heart of the Hide (HOH) for less than $180, buy it, ask questions later.
  2. If you can find an A2K or Pro Preferred for less than $200, buy it, ask questions later.
  3. Gloves are organized by handedness and size. Roughly, here’s what we’re talking about:
    • 11.25″ or smaller is a youth glove. (Under the age of 13).
    • 11.5″ is a shortstop and second baseman’s glove.
    • 11.75″ is a shortstop or 3rd baseman glove
    • 11.5″ to 12″ with a closed web is a pitcher’s glove. An Open web is a hybrid outfield/infield glove.
    • 12″+ is an outfielders glove.
  4. We’ve never heard or seen a player put on any of the gloves mentioned above and thought it was anything but exceptional.

3: Exit Speed Data

Gifts for Baseball PLayers

Shameless self-promotion.

Our exit speed is worth every penny you would spend on it. (And it’s only like 1500 pennies).

Check out this testimonial we got just yesterday. This is one of many we’ve received over the years.

“Just wanted to tell you thanks for all your work! I ordered a DeMarini voodoo one piece partly from your datasheets. I knew it would be heavy on the scale, but my son can swing it well. I purposefully didn’t weigh it until he hit with it, so I had no bias. Its scale weight is 21.1oz for an “18” oz bat. Never did I think he could swing something that “heavy” at the age of 8. Thanks again for everything you do!”

Exit Speed Data for $10.

4: Blast Motion/DK/Garmin Sensor

COVID has changed the game of baseball—and getting metrics and feedback by yourself is a win. If you’ve yet to use a bat sensor, or your hitter doesn’t have one, the Blast Sensor is a fantastic gift. It’s easy to use, doesn’t cost as much as a new bat, and any player will know what it is right when they see it.

The Blast Motion Sensor helps them capture swing speeds and angles and measures their practice time and effectiveness. It is an easy, thoughtful gift for baseball players.

5: Beef Jerky

We like Beef Jerky. It’s also a fantastic stocking stuffer for a lot of baseball players. There’s a lot to choose from so we won’t bore you with our analysis on the best. All beef jerky is best.

6: Evoshield Armor

Presents for Baseball

It’s cliche, but most kids dig this stuff. They have all types of guards. (The most popular, at least according to our clicks, is the catcher’s thumb guard). If you got a few bucks left in the budget and want something, they’ll be impressed with the Evoshiled protective piece is a great choice. (If you desire to save a few bucks, and aren’t as concerned with the brand name, check out Boombah’s serious selection of protective batter gear).

If none of the above jump out at you, how about a top-end Evoshield gear piece to protect your baseball player. Wrist guard, leg guard, arm sleeve, and more. The 2019 of EvoShield is good enough for MLB guys and good enough for you.

7: Lizard Skin Grip

Gifts for Baseball PLayers

Never in the history of the world has a player said they have too many grip options. Lizard Skin Grips are inexpensive, quick, and easy baseball/fastpitch gift of 2019. Dozens of colors, a product that fits in a stocking, and a price point where you can get a couple.

If your sick of Lizard Skin (or know your player doesn’t like them), then may we suggest a Vulcan Grip or Varo’s excellent bat grip (actually reusable) that we’ve had a lot of fun with this year.

8: Boombah SuperBag

Gifts for Baseball PLayers

The most popular bag with the most amount of colors is also a great baseball or fastpitch gift. This gift is consistently rated the best bat bag out there. It rolls like a champ, carries a wardrobe if you need it, and comes in enough colors to match any team. It’s an easy choice for a group or individual bag with a long list of happy customers.

Are you not digging Boombah? Up for trying something you don’t know? Check out this Song win bag that gets unbelievable ratings for high-quality stuff at a fraction of the price.

Gifts for Baseball Players

9: Warstic Batting Gloves

Gifts for Baseball PLayers

It’s tough to differentiate between different batting gloves. Sheepskin or cowhide isn’t proprietary. But, Warstic batting gloves aren’t just anyone’s batting gloves.  These are working man batting gloves with a texture and feel that could double as a bricklayers work glove. They feel great, price right, and look the part you’d expect for a brand as clean as Warstic.

10: Pocket Radar

Gifts for Baseball PLayers

The Pocket Radar has made our list of gifts for baseball players ever since we first used one in 2016. For 2019 it makes it again. We use this thing all the time. It’s durable (we even left it out in the rain one night, and it still works like a champ). Results seem repeatable. You can get both the Smart Coach or Ball Coach, and they both track speeds. Smart Coach has some functionality that we like better (like the phone app you can track the speeds on). The Pocket Radar is a winner gift for any dad or player who might have everything.

11: Pro Hitter Training Aid

Gifts for Baseball PLayers

Last we counted, about 50% of MLB players use the Pro Hitter. (This is the little rubber piece that sits on a player’s thumb). It protects against hand sting and gives a top hand a bit more girth. The ProHitter is a simple stocking stuffer than any ballplayer can put into use.

12: Sunflower Seeds

Best Sunflower Seeds

No baseball player said they had too many sunflower seeds. Although lots of fields are banning those around some states, they still work for just about every ballplayer and are a great stocking stuffer. If you want to know our favorites, check our best sunflowers seeds page.

How We Made Our Best Gifts for Ball Players

After hundreds of hours of testing equipment for 2019, attending a baseball convention or two, and visiting a handful of colossal baseball gear vendors and manufacturers, we come up with this list of gifts for baseball players. The links above include from several different vendors. But, most of the products you can find at other places too.

Some of these gifts are practical, most are fun, and we desire everyone. We’d love to see these wrapped up under the tree.

Got any gift ideas we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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11 months ago

This was a great list of stuff I am planning on buying some of the stuff.

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