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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Does Your Pops got Pops? Father’s Day Custom Louisville Slugger Bat

Does Your Pops got Pops? Father’s Day Custom Louisville Slugger Bat

July 3, 2020 | by | @BatDigest

As well as affiliate links found within this post (where we may be compensated if you click on the links and purchase things), we were compensated directly for this post.

We’ve covered Louisville Slugger wood bats for some time. They also have a wood bat for Father’s Day. It could make a great gift. You can purchase a #1 Dad specialty bat. Or, you can design a custom wood bat with pop for the #1 pop in your life.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Customize Father’s Day Bat

You might also like our conversation on the best wood bats.

Louisville Slugger’s customized bat site has dozens of wood bat options. Many are ready for gameplay like the MLB Prime and Fungo bats. The special occasion bats are not intended for real gameplay (meaning they’ll likely break if you use them to hit baseballs). The special occasion and fan bats are decorative items meant as keepsakes to be hung on a wall or over a fireplace.

Your Three Choices for Custom Father’s Day Bats

For custom Louisville Slugger wood bats for Father’s Day 2020, you have three options: MLB Prime, Custom Fungo, and Custom Fan/Gift/Collectibles.

Our Pick

We would go with a custom Louisville Slugger Fungo. We love to play and coach. High-level Ash fungo bats are beautiful to swing and feel. A personalized fungo for Father’s day is also very unique, and we don’t have anything like it. That said, a personalized particular occasion bat could be apt too if the Father’s day were particularly memorable. See our specific pick below.

1. MLB Prime

MLB Primes are pro-level wood bats ready for gameplay. They come with the MLB logo. These are the same bats, and wood pro players choose from and use regularly. These are legit wood bats and don’t come cheap. Expect to pay close to $200, which is about what you’d pay for any pro-level wood bat in the space.

Jump to our discussion on how to get the right size bat for Dad.

2. Custom Fungo

Fungo bats are longer wood bats used by Coaches to hit infield practice. Any coach or player should know what these are. If your dad is a coach or you want that unique gift for Father’s day 2020, we’d lean this direction. You can customize these pro-level wood bats the same way you can the MLB Prime bats. These bats are around $100.

3. Custom Fan, Collectible and Special Occasion Bats

You have four options under the collective bat section.

  1. Design from Scratch – $60
  2. Personalize a Classic – $60
  3. Personalize & add an MLB logo – $60
  4. Special Collection Bats – $60

Under the “Special Collection Bats” is where you’ll find the #1 Dad bats.

Custom Slugger Wood Bats Father's Day

MLB Prime: Game Ready Custom Father’s Day Bat

If you want a custom wood bat that is game ready, then customize the MLB Prime wood bats. These are the exact bats the pros use and come in any number of turns. Pricing here (more like $170) reflects a prime piece of wood that can take on 100 mph fastballs.

What Turn for Father’s Day

2020 Custom Slugger Wood Bats Father's Day

The turn of a wood bat is profile. The word ‘turn’ refers to the lathe that turns the bat as gets shave down from a single piece wood billet into a knob, handle and barrel. There is an almost innumerable number of bat turns.

The most common turn is C271. This bat profile consists of a medium-sized barrel, medium taper (the speed at which it goes from the handle to the barrel), and a max knob taper. Most Dad’s who have little experience with a wood bat will appreciate the C271 the most.

If pops is a tremendous hitter, consider the S318. This turn is a Christian Yelich, Manny Ramierez, and Pete Rose kind of bat. A medium barrel size, but it quickly tapers from knob to handle to make the most oversized barrel possible.

Our Pick: Custom Fungo

If we had our choice, we’d go with a Custom Fungo. Specifically, we’d want a 36″ K100 in an Ash.

We like the idea of the specialty collection bats. But, since we want to play and coach too, it seems rather pointless to have a bat we can’t use to bat things. If we didn’t play, and just wanted something as a keepsake or to commemorate a particularly memorable Father’s Day, then the Specialty bat might be what we wanted.

As well, we already have some MLB Prime customized already–so no need to double up when there’s a beautiful custom Fungo out there with our name on it. Literally.

So, honey, if you’re reading, click on this picture below and press add to cart.

Custom Wood Fathers Day Bat 2020

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