Updated: February 26, 2024

Ebay Baseball Bat Deals

Secrets to Buying Baseball Bats on eBay at the Best Price

An analysis of 5,000+ BBCOR bat sales on eBay revealed best buying times are summer and fall for optimal deals.

In the middle of 2023, we analyzed the sales data on over 5,000 BBCOR bats on eBay to consider the popularity and what might be a good deal. Our results are below. We’re hopeful this information can give you insight into buying the best bat.

In short, the tricks are:

  • 20%+ At Peak Season, Avoid..
  • There are deals to be had, but you need to know what you can get.
  • When in doubt, an offer on a Buy It Now is the best bet for a deal.
  • Auctions can work too, but people overpay because they get antsy.
  • Make sure you check previous prices before you start bidding or offering.

eBay Baseball Bat Deals

Ebay is the go-to place for used baseball bats. We like SidelineSwap more. The sellers are more knowledgeable, and the shipping seems a bit cleaner. But, no doubt about it, deals are to be had on eBay, and it’s likely the busiest secondary market for baseball and fastpitch gear anywhere. We’ve bought, without exaggeration, more than 500 bats on ebay over the years. it’s where we get a lot of our bats for testing our bests (here too).

1. The Timing Is Right

To get the best deal on eBay, the timing must be right. Remember, though, buying a bat in the middle or beginning of baseball season will guarantee you aren’t getting the best deal. But, come the summer and later in the fall you’ll find it the be the idea time to pick up a great bat that a few bought for two times the price justĀ  few weeks ago.

The Average Bat Prices Over Time and Quantity of Bats Sold Over Time charts reveal interesting patterns and trends in bat sales on eBay from April 25, 2023, to July 15, 2023.

Average Bat Prices Over Time

This line graph tracks the fluctuation in the average prices of bats sold daily within the given period. At first glance, we can see that the average price is not static but varies, indicating that the market dynamics for bats on eBay are pretty active. There are noticeable peaks and troughs, suggesting that specific periods may offer better value for money than others. Understanding these price fluctuations can help buyers time their purchases to maximize their savings.

Specifically, notice how July shows a marked decrease in average bat prices compared to later in April and May when a lot are still playing hard and High School baseball in most places is in full swing.

Quantity of Bats Sold Over Time

This bottom line graph represents the daily quantity of bats sold. Similar to the price trend, the number of bats sold also varies daily. This could be influenced by various factors such as the day of the week, seasonal trends, or specific events in the baseball world. Notably, there are days with relatively high sales, which might correspond to a broader variety of options for buyers, and days with lower sales, which might indicate less competition among buyers.

In essence, these two charts underscore the importance of timing in finding the best bat deals on eBay. A savvy buyer who can navigate these trends stands a better chance of scoring the perfect bat at the right price.

2. Be Realistic: Brand and Model Preferences

The scatter plot below represents the price distribution of the top 15 most common bat models combined throughout the years. We include all listings (including new and used). Each point on the plot represents a bat, with its model on the x-axis and its price on the y-axis. The different colors represent different models, as indicated in the legend on the right.

Here is another take with the same data.

This visualization provides a clear view of the price ranges for each model, allowing readers to compare prices across different models quickly. For instance, we can see that some models, like ‘cat 8’ and ‘cat 7’, have a wide range of prices, while others, like ‘voodoo one,’ have a narrower price range.

3. Price Distribution By Model

We can also break down some of the most popular models by brand. The Goods, based on year, drive about the same price. It’s hard to tell exactly why some models do better than others, as this bat has not changed since its release (although the connection piece might have in more recent years, as there were some durability concerns) but, in any case, it fun to see how The Goods has kept its value from the beginning.

DeMarini The Goods

The scatter plot shows the price distribution of 459 The Goods model bats over different years, with outliers removed. Each point represents an eBay listing. The prices for The Goods model show considerable variation each year, but the trend over the years isn’t as straightforward. By removing the outlier prices above $1000, we can see a more uniform distribution of prices. This could suggest that while there are high-priced listings, most of The Goods models are sold within a specific price range.

Louisville Slugger Meta

The scatter plot shows the price distribution of 352 Meta model bats over different years. Each point represents an eBay listing. The years are shown on the x-axis, and the prices are shown on the y-axis. The Meta model prices show significant variation each year, with a wide range of prices. There appears to be a trend of increasing prices over the years. This could suggest that the Meta model is gaining popularity, leading to higher demand and prices.

DeMarini Voodoo One

The scatter plot shows the price distribution of 449 Voodoo One model bats over different years. Each point represents an eBay listing. The Voodoo One model shows a wide range of prices within each year. There’s a clear trend of increasing prices over the years, similar to the Meta model. This could suggest a growing demand for the Voodoo One model, leading to higher prices over time.

4. eBay Bat Popularity

The “Price Distribution of Top 10 Most Common Models” chart provides a detailed look at the price range for eBay’s most frequently sold baseball bat models. By examining this chart, potential buyers can better understand the typical price range they might expect for each model.

Each box in the boxplot represents a different bat model, ordered by the times they appear in the dataset (from highest at the top to lowest at the bottom). The central line in each box indicates the median price for that model, giving a sense of the “typical” price point. The box spans from the first quartile (25th percentile) to the third quartile (75th percentile), effectively showing the middle 50% of prices for each model. The whiskers extend to 1.5 times the interquartile range (the range between the first and third quartiles), providing a sense of the overall spread of prices. Outliers, if any, are represented as individual points beyond the whiskers.

Examining the chart, we can see significant variations in the price distributions between different models. Some models, like ‘Meta’ and ‘The Goods’, have a wider spread of prices, indicating more variability in the prices these bats were sold for. Others, like ‘Voodoo One’, have a relatively narrow box, suggesting a smaller range of selling prices. This information can be useful for a potential buyer to understand how much the price might vary for a specific model.

5. Most Expensive eBay Bats

Although the sample size is small in some of these, the highest average price of a bat sold is the ICON from Rawlings. The bat, which retails at $500, has seen a significant uptick since its hype.

The Z-1000, we warn you to no end, is a farce of a bat. We know the guy who bought all of them up a few years back, cornering the market, and then tried to make them sound like the best bat of all time. No, the Z-1000 is a sincerely terrible bat. Please do not buy it.

Buyer Beware

eBay is a treasure trove for sporting equipment, offering many options, from brand-new items to well-loved gear. The wide-ranging spectrum of prices and conditions can benefit the discerning buyer. It is, however, crucial to remember the age-old adage: “Buyer beware.” An attractive deal should not be the sole factor in your decision-making process. After all, a good deal on the wrong bat is not a good deal at all. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you are purchasing a bat that fits your needs and preferences, all while providing good value for your money.

e dove deep into eBay’s bat listings, extracting, cleaning, and visualizing data to reveal trends and patterns that could guide potential buyers. Our analysis focused on various key features, including the model, brand, price, and date of sale.


After thoroughly analyzing over 5,000 BBCOR bats sold on eBay in 2023, Timing is everything regarding securing the best deals. The most opportune times to buy are during the summer and later in the fall, outside of the baseball season. It’s also important to have realistic expectations about the prices of different bat models. Above are detailed charts showing the price distribution of the top 15 most common bat models to help you make an informed decision. Remember, the popularity of a bat model can significantly influence its price. Lastly, while eBay is a treasure trove for baseball equipment, always exercise caution when purchasing. A good deal on the wrong bat is not a good deal at all. Make sure the bat you’re buying fits your needs and preferences to get the best value for your money.