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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

3 Reasons to Love and 1 to Hate the 2018 Rawlings USA Bat

3 Reasons to Love and 1 to Hate the 2018 Rawlings USA Bat

September 19, 2020 | by | @BatDigest

In addition to our 2018 Quatro BBCOR review we write this 2018 Rawlings USABat Quatro Review. We used the 31 and 29-inch USABat version of the 2018 Quatro extensively among different hitters. We measured its barrel size and exit speed as well as compared its swing weight in relation to other bats in the same class. Rawlings Quatro USABAt 2108 Review

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2018 Quatro USA Bat Recommendations

On the whole, the USABat Quatro comes highly recommendable to player looking for the softer feel of a two piece composite bat in the youth market. It also fit right into the category of top performing USABats and good enough barrel size.

However, our bat eventually broke and we’ve heard of a few others having similar issues. We suggest you buy this bat with a warranty (which all major and serious retailers offer). And, if you do go this route, don’t make it a team bat. But, man, the thing is hot.

 Quatro vs Easton Ghost X

2018 Rawlings Quatro uSABat Review

Although the DeMarini CF Zen in a USABat has already come. But, at USA Bat release time (September of 2017) the only two-piece composite options in the USABat space are the Easton Ghost X USABat and the Rawlings Quatro USABat. (And the Mizuno Ghost).

The only considerable advantage one of these bats has over the other is the use of a drop 8 in an Easton Ghost X. The other brands do not have, and have no plans for 2018, to release a heavier drop than the drop 10 we are accustomed to.

Quatro vs DeMarini CF Zen

2018 Rawlings Quatro CF Zen USABat Review

Otherwise, the Ghost X’s barrel is physically larger—and considerably so—when compared to the Quatro. Some may find such a feature a major advantage but we don’t think so. Barrel size is not sweet spot size and total hitting surface is marginally different between the two bats despite the fact the Ghost X does have the larger barrel in any of the lengths. But, the Ghost X comes at a $50 premium over the Quatro.

Our exit speed tests showed the Ghost with the slightest of non-statistically significant advantage (<1mph).

In the end, we think more will appreciate the bigger barrel of the Ghost X. But, if that advantage is worth the price difference would be impossible for us to ask for you.

Quatro BBCOR vs USA Differences

You might also like our longer review on the 2018 Rawlings BBCOR Quatro Review.

Compared to the USABat version there are no technical differences outside the obvious. That is, the BBCOR is a drop built to the high school regulation standard while the USABat is a drop 10 built to the USABat standards. (Those two standards, we should note, are similar in terms of allowable barrel performance. But BBCOR bats are not legal in USABats and vice versa).

2018 Quatro USABat Recommendations

2018 Rawlings Quatro USABat Review

Our recommendations for the 2018 Quatro USA Bat run similar to the ones we offer for the BBCOR player. They include:

  • A Hitter who likes the feel of a lighter swing.
  • Is willing to afford the bat
  • Likes the feel of a two piece composite bat.
  • Is willing to take the time to work the bat in appropriately.
  • Generally plays in warmer weather (or is willing to only use the bat in warmer weather).
  • Has confidence in Rawlings gear.
  • Knowing that the composite bat market is something Rawlings is new to but still likes the idea of a Rawlings stick.

Rawlings Quatro USA Bat Sizing

2018 Quatro USABat Review

The 2018 Rawlings Quatro USA Bat comes in a drop 10 from sizes 28 through 32 inches. The 29 and 30 inch appear to be the most popular.

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