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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Custom DeMarini Bats: 2016 Updates

Custom DeMarini Bats: 2016 Updates

July 3, 2020 | by | @BatDigest

In 2015 we’ve seen a lot of innovation in the bat space. From spinning handles, soft barrels and bats filled with helium—all have tried to convince parents that their player’s bats are worth the premium. But no innovation, as we said in 2015, has quite squared up what the players are actually looking for as effectively as the opportunity to customize your own DeMarini bats.

Custom DeMarini Bats

For 2016, DeMarini ups the ante on their custom designed bat site by adding the new 2016 CF8 and Voodoo Raw to the baseball line. This is live here. For 2016, DeMarini added a few design features to the site—including the ability to wrap your grip for a left or right-hander and choose a grip thickness.

Custom DeMarini Bat

For those who have been out of the universe for the last several months, maybe I should point out that Custom DeMarini bats are now available for the full line of 2016 DeMarini Baseball bats, the CF8 Fastpitch bat and the slow pitch softball bat named ONE. Yes, this means, producing your own customized CF8, Voodoo Raw, Slapper, among others, is now very much possible.

(To see our design go to this Custom DeMarini Bats Blog: In Pictures).

Custom DeMarini Bat

Before we get ahead of ourselves, this very blog roll often points out that graphic design, although a major factor in a player’s decision to purchase one bat over another, has between zero and nothing to do with ball exit speed or on base percentage. With that said, however, we confess our obsession and enthusiasm for the total awesomeness of DeMarini’s custom design baseball bat site is nothing short of full blown and overjoyed.

If you’re wondering why being able to customize the exact look of your bat is a good idea I have three suggestions for you.

  • First: check your pulse.
  • Second: Watch a little leaguer’s reaction when you tell them they can customize their own bat. Once you explain what customize actually means – the chance to choose every color, pre-populated logo and 9 letter phrase on the knob and end cap – you’ll see their jaws drop.
  • Third: If that doesn’t work just look through this:

Custom DeMarini Bats Custom DeMarini BatsCustom DeMarini BatsCustom DeMarini BatsCustom DeMarini Bats Custom DeMarini BatsCustom DeMarini Bats

When I explained this concept to my older two sons, they actually gave each other a fist bump—as if their lives somehow improved just by knowing they now live in a world where the ability to design your own bat exists.

And I can’t say I wasn’t quite a bit giddy myself. And after some soul searching I proceeded to tattoo my arm with the mournful phrase: “I Was Born Too Early”. #nottrue

Custom DeMarini CF8 Custom DeMarini CF8

The bat building interface on is intuitive (which I find a strange way to describe something before I begin explaining it in detail). You log on, you follow the smooth interface to develop a bat through a number of obvious and clearly defined steps that start and go like the following screen capture montage:

Custom DeMarini Bats

Custom DeMarini BatsCustom DeMarini BatsCouple items to note before you run off to the site:

  • Bat options are much more robust than the earlier in the year release:
    • CF8 baseball line isn’t live until 8/1/2015
    • CF8 Fastpitch line
    • 2016 DeMarini One (Slow Pitch Softball) is still included
  • It may take up to four weeks for your custom metal bat to be made and deliveredCustom DeMarini Bats

We do try and check our hyperbole at the door here at, yet we are actually quite comfortable in saying the custom DeMarini bat approach is the single most innovative thing we’ve seen in the space since we’ve been following it. Hats off, for sure, to those companies trying to improve the performance of top shelf bats (and DeMarini also falls into that category) but the attempt to let players customize their bats—and a full selection of them in the CF8 and Voodoo Raw—is the only innovation this year we predict will shape the space for the years to come.

In one fell swoop, DeMarini changed the approach of top shelf performance bats forevermore. They shouldn’t, and I don’t believe will, use the predictable success of these custom bats to hamper their research and development, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t fill a now obvious void in the market that players around the country will be fist bumping about for years to come.


(See the 2015 DeMarini Bats line up here, the DeMarini CF7 Drop 5 Review here, the DeMarini Voodoo Review here, The DeMarini CF7 Review here, the DeMarini NVS Vexxum review here and the DeMarini Insane Review here).

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