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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

How to Do Your Part to Save Youth Baseball for 2020? Stay Home

How to Do Your Part to Save Youth Baseball for 2020? Stay Home

July 3, 2020 | by | @BatDigest

If your high school baseball season has yet to be on hold for 2020, then just wait a couple of days. As of last week, Monday (3.9.2020), few thought it was even possible that a game or two would be missed anywhere in the country due to COVID-19. Seven days later, a majority of high school baseball seasons are postponed.

High school baseball all along the East Coast is suspended, and state’s spring sports from Florida to Utah and California have been put on hold too. The risk of baseball and fastpitch getting entirely canceled from little league through high school is real, severe, and currently somewhere between probable and highly probable.

The Perfect Game, USA Baseball, Babe Ruth, and any other youth league you can think of is put on hold in some fashion or another.

NCAA baseball and fastpitch for 2020 has been canceled entirely.

The MLB season has been pushed back, possibly “several months.”

Every baseball or fastpitch league you can find is put on hold at least through March and many through April, if not just canceled altogether.

The idea high school seniors might lose out on their senior season is heartbreaking. They won’t get a year of eligibility back as the NCAA granted.

The governing bodies that make these decisions are waiting to see how the next few weeks go before deciding on the rest of the year. In a real way, the end of baseball and fastpitch for the class of 2020 hangs on the speed of Covid-19 over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

What Can You Do To Save the Season?

There really is only one thing you can do to help improve the odds of youth baseball and fastpitch being reinstated as soon as possible: Stay Home.

Flatting the curve can work, but it only works if healthy people stop getting other healthy people sick.

If you can stay home, then stay home. Please. Stay Home.

For the love of the game, our kids and the graduating class of 2020, if you can stay home than stay home.

If you’re young and healthy: STAY HOME.

If you’re old and sick: STAY HOME.

If you’re somewhere in the middle: STAY HOME.

I don’t know what stay home means for you. Many are required to go into work. But, if you can eat in then do it. If you can watch Netflix instead of the movies, than do it.

(Also, wash your hands).

Why Staying Home Can Work

We’re not interested in pretending we are epidemiologists. We’ll leave that to your Facebook friends. But, we do know how to read. And you cannot find any legitimate source covering this topic that says anything other than we HAVE TO FLATTEN THE CURVE. Now.

It is healthy people that will flatten the curve.

If seeing our sons and daughters finish out their high school sports careers requires that we lock ourselves in our basements for the next three weeks, then so be it.

We’ve never used this site for any type of social awareness campaigns, so forgive us if this is off-putting. But we don’t love bats. We love watching kids use bats. We love talking baseball and fastpitch with you. And we love seeing kids live out their dreams.

There are a million kids who might miss out on the chance to hit a walk-off, pitch a no-no, and live out their childhood dreams if we don’t flatten the curve now.

The truth is that extreme social distancing might not even do it. But, we’ve got to try. We suspect most high school sports will be decided on in the next two or three weeks. Don’t contribute to the numbers of sick even if you’re confident they will live and that you’ll be safe.

Flatten the curve. Stay home.

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