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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

2021 Black Friday Baseball Deals [Live Updates] (Cyber Monday Too)

Updated November 29, 2021

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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2021 Black Friday Baseball Deals are here! We are tracking all of them (and fastpitch too) as they go live. We look for deals and update this page daily or hourly the sooner the big day gets close.

Quick Links: As the big day/weekend gets closer, expect to see most of the deals from these vendors on these pages here:

The links above a really good place to start. The deals we like on those links, and a few others, are found on the highlights below.

2021 Black Friday Baseball Bats Deals

Amazon’s Cyber Monday Baseball Deals

Update 11.29.2021 9:24am MST

Slugger and DeMarini Continue To Discount More

Update 11.29.2021 9:00am MST
It seems weird to us that DeMarini and Slugger continue to undercut the prices on some of their most popular outlets. But the price on bats like the Zen, LXT, Xeno, Meta, Select and so on are just better, by at least $20 or so, than the outlets. DeMarini Baseball, DeMarini Fastpitch, Slugger Baseball, Slugger Fastpitch.

HBS 2020 Drop 5 Maxum for $175

Update 11.29.2021 8:57am MST
One legit, under the radar, deal is the USSSA drop 5 for $175 at HeadBangerSports. It will be real hard to find a deal on this bat this steep anytime soon (or ever).

Slugger 518 drop 10 USA 31/21 for $90

Update 11.29.2021 8:48am MST
One of the better entry level USA bats. If you want a deal on a USA bat that works and works well, the 31/21 518 Omaha can be found at JustBats for $90.

CAT 8 Connect in BBCOR for mid $200

Update 11.29.2021 8:45am MST
Really good bat, although endloaded. But if you want a performance BBCOR bat in the hybrid space then the CAT 8 Connect is a legit choice. JustBats is selling some sizes for $210 through $250.

USA Drop 8 Axe for $80

Update 11.29.2021 8:43am MST
If you ever wanted to get your feet wet with a Axe and need a USA bat, here is your chance. The Axe EliteOne in a drop 8 is a decent bat. And for $80, its a great one.

TX from True for $60

Update 11.29.2021 8:40am MST
The bat isn’t a world-beater, but fo4 $60, it’s a legit price. The TX from True is a stop 10 USSSA bat that works. And for $60, it’s unbeatable.

Some Wilson Gloves 35% off

Update 11.26.2021 11:05pm MST
There are some gloves on Wilson’s site that are 25% off. We wish there were more of them, but there are plenty on there worth checking out if you want a high-end A2K or A2000. See them here.

Axe Bats Still 25% off

Update 11.26.2021 11:38am MST
Axe Bats is 25% off. Real deals on bats that usually aren’t this discounted anytime until well after the season. See them here. Big fans of the Axe Avenge Composite this year, FWIW.

Indeed, Easton 25% off was a mistake

Update 11.26.2021 11:35am MST
We reported below that, in a twist of fate, Easton’s 2022 bats were 25% off. As we guessed, it was likely a mistake and it has been rectified as of this morning. 25% off “site wide” really means 25% off on bats that are on the site for a year or so. 🙂

Any/Most Buam Bats $60 Off

Update 11.26.2021 11:34am MST
Buam bats are $60 off. They usually aren’t on sale that often (or ever) and I can’t recall a time we’ve seen them on sale site wide. Worth checking out.

Victus Nox $40 Off

Update 11.26.2021 12:24am MST
Vicuts has dropped the price on the Nox by $40. A few outlets, including Victus directly, have the bat at the discounted price in USSSA and BBCOR.

Amazon Baseball Deals Okay So Far

Batting gloves? Hitting Nets? SKLZ training? If that’s what you want then Amazon has some ideas for you and some deals for Black Friday. Check them here:

Better CAT 8 Black Deal Direct on Marucci: $230

Update 11.25.2021 11:24pm MST
Marucci has discounts on all their CAT 8 bats. You can find the CAT 8 Black in BBCOR for less than on JustBats. It is $230 instead of $250.

Easton Going 25% off Site Wide—What?

Update 11.25.2021 11:24pm MST
It is highly unusual for a bat company to sell their brand new bat lines for any types of discounts. We usually don’t see those until late next year. But Easton has decided to sell everything on their site for 25% off. You can even get the BBCOR Hyper for under $375. That seems crazy to us, but there it is. A bat that was released less than a month ago is now on sale for 25% off. See it here.

CAT 8 Black for $250

Update 11.25.2021 11:07pm MST
We’d love to see this $50 cheaper, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. When the CAT 8 Black drops to $250 and you’ve been looking for it you get it.

Easton Maxum 360 BBCOR for $299

Update 11.25.2021 11:07pm MST
Look, it’s still not as cheap as we hoped it would be. But, this BBCOR bat is worth every penny of its $400. Good news, for today, its $300. Great bat, better price. If you’ve been waiting, good time to jump.

2020 Easton Maxum 360
BBCOR | Drop: 3

Drop 10 2021 Meta for $210

Update 11.25.2021 10:57pm MST
A drop 10 USSSA Meta for $210 is a real steal. The 2022 version of the bat will be a legit $350 that people will happily pay and the bat hasn’t changed one lick. See it here.

2021 Louisville Slugger Meta
USSSA | Drop: 10

Dicks Deals LackLuster So Far

Update 11.25.2021 10:57pm MST
So far, we haven’t been blown away by any bat deals at DSG. You can look through what they have up so far here. But a BBCOR META for $450? No Thanks. You can find it for $150 less directly on here.

The LXT for $230

Update 11.24.2021 10:12am MST
The leader in the fastpitch space by volume, player appreciation and options, the 2021 LXT for under $250 NIW? For crying out loud. This is a stupid, stupid deal.

2021 Louisville Slugger LXT
Fastpitch | Drop: 10

BBCOR Omaha for $120

Update 11.24.2021 10:08am MST
What truly might be the single most reliable BBCOR bat ever created, the Omaha, brand new in wrapper, for $120. It just blows our minds that this bat is only $120 and people are out there selling a kidney to get a Voodoo One. This Omaha is a legit.

2021 Louisville Slugger Omaha
BBCOR | Drop: 3

BBCOR Meta for $240

Update 5:00 4:52pm MST
Better Baseball coming on strong with some nice bat deals. The 2021 Meta in BBCOR is $240–holding the line strong since Slugger direct upped their price after a quick run yesterday.

Prism for $220

Update 11.23.2021 4:52pm MST
DeMarini’s 2021 Prism is as good as it gets in the fastpitch space. And you won’t ever find a deal like this on this bat.

2021 DeMarini Prism
Fastpitch | Drop: 10

The Gattaca for $240

Update 11.23.2021 4:45pm MST
The Gattaca is a Voodoo with some tech in the barrel. The Voodoo is hard to find and, at one point, the Gattaca was nearly $500 bat. Today, you can find it for $240 on It’s a legit deal on an under-the-radar bat that few know about.

2020 DeMarini Gattaca L
BBCOR | Drop: 3
BBCOR | Drop: 3

Many Wilson Gloves 35% off

Update 11.23.2021 4:25pm MST
Wilson has a handful of A2Ks and A2000 on sale for 35% off. These are deals you just don’t see during the year.

Prices go UP on DeMarini/Slugger

Update 11.23.2021 4:27pm MST
After what was undoubtedly a run on the CF and Meta, DeMarini and Slugger raised their prices on those bats to only 40% off instead of 50% off. Great deals, no doubt, but our reporting of the deals below is now a bit off. Still worth the buy if you’re in the market.

Metal Cleats at DSG

Update 11.22.2021 2:50pm MST
Metal cleats at DSG for some decent prices. Limited sizes and colors, but if they’re is a match then it’s likely as good a deal as you’ll find.

Heart of the Hide

Update 11.22.2021 2:45pm MST
$50 off a lot of the Heart of the Hide gloves from Rawlings. These aren’t, necessarily, Black Friday deals, but they are deals and for a limited time only.

2021 Slugger Meta PWR

Update 11.22.2021 1:20PM MST
IThe Select PWR competes with The Goods any day. Some, in fact, prefer it better. At Black Friday’s price of $240 direct from the manufacturer, you’ll never see it as good as this. Get the BBCOR Slugger Select PWR for $240. (Some sizes only).

2021 Louisville Slugger Select PWR
BBCOR | Drop: 3

2021 Slugger BBCOR Meta For $270

Update 11.22.2021 1:08PM MST
It’s just as hot as any great BBCOR bat on the planet has a huge barrel and a light swing. People were happily paying $500 for this bat just a few short months ago. Now it’s $270 directly on Slugger. Do it. Get the BBCOR Slugger Meta for $270.

2021 Louisville Slugger Meta
BBCOR | Drop: 3

2021 CF Drop 10 USSSA

Update 11.22.2021 11:08AM MST
It’s good. It’s amazing. It might break. But, in the meantime, it will hit the ball very far. Usually $350 and, on a good day, you can get it discounted to $299. Get the Drop 10 USSSA CF for $180.

2021 DeMarini CF
USSSA | Drop: 10

2021 CF Drop 8 USSSA

Update 11.22.2021 11:05AM MST
We predict you won’t ever see this bat for less than $200 from a legit vendor ever. Again. Get the Drop 8 USSSA CF.

2021 DeMarini CF
USSSA | Drop: 8

2021 CF Drop 5 USSSA

Update 11.22.2021 10:50AM MST
I mean, it might literally be the best USSSA bat on the market. Brand new, from the vendor for under $180? Why do people buy these bats at any other time? Get the Drop 5 USSSA CF.

2021 DeMarini CF
USSSA | Drop: 5

Easton Maxum 360

Update 11.21.2021
It’s one of our favorite all time bats and we’d put it up against the Voodoo One any time, any place. Just Bats will have the 2020 Easton Maxum 360 for $299. This is not available in your cart until 11.26. Considering it’s a $400 bat and a lot of folks were plenty happy buying it at those prices, this is a deal.

2020 Easton Maxum 360
BBCOR | Drop: 3

Update 11.20.2021

Slugger Outlets Page

Slugger’s outlet page, where they usually put their deals, is pretty sparse at the moment. But, we do expect this to heat up over the next few days. This is the page you want to watch, we think.

DeMarini Outlets Page

Update 11.19.2021
In years past, DeMarini usually puts their discounted black Friday things on their outlet’s page. We see a couple of things on there now, including a sweet Demarini Flexfit hat for $13. We expect things to be added here shortly.

Dicks Sporting Goods Apparel goes Live

Update 11.18.2021

Dicks Sporting Goods Got Some Early Apparel Deals Up

DSG has some early apparel deals up here, looks like up to 50% off on some cleats.

Dicks Sporting Goods Queuing up some Bats for Deals

Update 11.17.2021
They aren’t discounted yet, but it looks like DSG has moved the bats they will be pushing on black friday/cyber Monday to their outlet page. Still full price though—probably won’t drop until mid-next week.

Axe Bats Goes Live Now with BF/CM deals

Update 11.17.2021
A week early, Axe Bats is dropping 25% on everything as well as free shipping. Not sure if they’ll drop more by the big day, but we don’t think this is a must-get right now kind of deal—maybe see what happens on 11.24.

True Temper Sports doing Serious Discounts on High-End Apparel

Update 11.16.2021
If you like LULU lemon-type apparel, then True Temper is going hog wild on some deals come black Friday. Expect 25% off real high-end apparel here that never seems to go on sale.

Expect a 2021 META in BBCOR for “close to $250.”

Update 11.15.2021
We were told by someone that we’d see a NIW wrapper 2021 META for “close to $250” on Black Friday. We were told we couldn’t say who it was just yet. But we will before the big day. Deals are heating up. It’s gonna be a crazy couple of days.

Pocket Radar doing 10% off everything starting 11.15.21

Update 11.5.2021
We’ve learned that Pocket Radar will be doing a 10% off sitewide sale starting on 11.15 through 11.24. More details and links to follow on what we think is worth buying.

We expect HUGE bat deals for 2021 Black Friday.

Update 11.1.2021
USSSA: For whatever reason, USSSA bats have been on the backburner while 2022 BBCOR takes center stage. As we look across different models and speak to significant retailers, it’s very apparent: everyone has plenty of USSSA bats on their shelf. And plenty of USSSA bats means plenty of USSSA Deals come Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Our best guess is you’ll see a bat like the CAT 8 in USSSA or, maybe, even a 2021 CF come down considerably on the Black Friday weekend.

2021 DeMarini CF
USSSA | Drop: 5
USSSA | Drop: 10
USSSA | Drop: 8

BBCOR: While some BBCOR bats will still be tough to find (Voodoo One and The Goods, for example), we expect some 2021 models that were overbought will be for sale early and often. We expect to see the 2021 Meta in BBCOR, as one example, down to half price.

2021 Louisville Slugger Meta PWR
BBCOR | Drop: 3
BBCOR | Drop: 3

USA: In USA we will see reasonable deals but nothing like the USSSA space. Those who want a good deal on a bat in the USA Bats market should be rewarded handsomely on the weekend of Black Friday. Our guess, based on the price movement we’ve seen recently, is the 2020 Solo with an absolute price meltdown come Black Friday.

2019 Louisville Slugger Solo
USA | Drop: 11

Fastpitch: Although we don’t have any confirmation just yet, we expect to see the 2021 LXT on serious sale for 2021. That bat is in massive inventory and, although a great bat, didn’t sell too well in the last year. We expect vendors to absolutely unload that bat come Black Friday 2021.

2021 Louisville Slugger LXT
Fastpitch | Drop: 10
Fastpitch | Drop: 11
Fastpitch | Drop: 9
Fastpitch | Drop: 8

2021 Black Friday Baseball Gloves Deals

As always, we expect older versions of gloves to go on great deals for Black Friday. Most big manufactures release their gloves in July and then by November can see what ones from last year still have availability. Those are the gloves that almost inevitably go for rock bottom prices on black Friday. Expect to pick up some A2000s, A2K, Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred for the best deals you will find them all year long.

The deals we found for 2020 Black Friday are below for your reference.

We ill update these as new deals start to fall in for black Friday of 2021. So keep this page bookmarked.

Most Popular Black Friday/Cyber Monday Baseball Links 2020

Ranked by Popularity

  1. Amazon’s Baseball Deals Pages (9 of them) are the most popular link.
  2. Dick’s Sporting Goods Outlet Bats Section has some good deals. However, the 25% off in your cart items appears to have gone away. If you’re buying a bat, better to go directly to DeMarini or Slugger’s site as the discount is still as deep as DSG was on Friday.
  3. Eastbay’s got some great, high-end cleats for prices we’re actually willing to pay. HOWEVER, make sure you put in the BF25 on your over $49 order to see the 25% additional discount added.
  4. Up to 45% off on Select Slugger Bats in their outlet section.
  5. DeMarini bats outlet section is up to 45% off. Some solid deals in there, The Voodoo at sub $200 is a steal.
  6. DeMarini is giving a 25% coupon for “Select Baseball Accessories.” HOWEVER, you need to be a new email subscriber. So, if you’ve already subscribed to them, maybe use a different email?
  7. Wilson is doing the same 25% discount for select items. You sign up, they give you a code to use and you do so at checkout.
  8. Wilson also has GLOVES on discount, up to 35%. Rarely do we see these prices, but pickings are slim.
  9. Rawlings has up to 40% off so many items. Gloves, bats, apparel, you name it.
  10. CloseoutBats Weekend Deals: some good ones in here too.
  11. Baseball Express Deals Page
  12. JustBats Black Friday Deals: You’ve got to just scroll through and see the “Black Friday” sticker.
  13. StringKing already value buy bats are not 25% off that. Yikes.

Best Deals By Outlet


Dicks Sporting Goods

Dicks’ 25% off sitewide is doling out some serious deals on bats. Remember, you have to put it in your cart to see the final price.

Louisville Slugger





Other Baseball Companies

Birdman Bats

They’ve got some bat trainers available. We love this bat line.

Warstic Bats

20% off with BFCM20 code at checkout.

Mizuno Baseball

20% off lots of stuff, use CYBERSAVE20 at checkout.

Easton Baseball

Easton’s site says up to 25% off some items, but I’ll be danged if we can find them. Not sure where their list of select items is, but you might be able to find them even though we couldn’t.

Updated November 29, 2021

November 29, 2021

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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2021 Black Friday Baseball Deals [Live Updates] (Cyber Monday Too)

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