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18 Amazon Prime Day Baseball & Softball Deals [updated 2022]

Updated July 12, 2022

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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[Last Updated: 6:22am on 7.12.2022]

We looked through every 2022 Prime Day Deal in the baseball and fastpitch space to find the deals we like.

Our favorite deals are below, but you might like looking by these categories that we found the most exciting:

There appears to be a serious push on game-quality baseballs.

If you want to pursue the 92 pages of baseball deals yourself, see here.

If you want to see the 10 pages of fastpitch deals, see here.

Here are our top 20 favorites

1. Tanner Tee

You never see these on sale. But $10 off the best tee in the business is legit.

2. Franklin Batting Gloves
Memorial Day Bat Deals Gear

Franklin appears to be pushing hard on their batting gloves this prime day. We can’t find a version that isn’t on some sort of sale. Might e worth picking up a pair or two or three.

3. Rawlings Little League Baseballs

Rawlings Little League Baseballs are legit. The RLLB1 for about $30 a dozen? All day.

4. DeMarini OG Voodoo Bat Backpack

These seem to go on sale every Prime Day (we’ve been tracking this day for a few years now). But it’s still a good deal. Great bat packs for sub $60? Winner winner chicken dinner.

Not all the colors are on the same deal, but many of them are.

5. SKLZ Hurricane Category 4

This thing has been around forever but still gets great ratings. We’ve seen it for $150 before, but it isn’t every day. So, if you’re looking to get one of these for the winter workouts, now is a good time.

6. Rawlings R9 Baseball Gloves

These are akin to Wilson A1000. An entry-level glove with real soft shell leather—great for the kid who needs a legit glove but isn’t quite yet ready for the HOH or A2000/A2K world.

7. Bryce Harper Under Armour Shoes

Good cleats for an excellent price. If your kids are like ours, it seems impossible to have enough sizes of baseball cleats around.

8. Easton Alpha Project 3

Remember that one-time people were buying the Easton B5 for like $350, and you found out that the Alpha was the same bat with a different paint job and could get it for like $80? Yeah, that was today. (Different sizes are different prices. We saw the 31/28 was the least expensive).

9. More Wilson Baseballs

We know we already put Wilson baseballs higher on this list, but the deals keep coming. If you think about it for a second, we’d guess the COVID made it so they had more balls than they ever thought they’d need this year. So, here comes the sales

10. Jogenmax net, tee, caddy, bundles

We’ve never even heard of these guys, honestly. But the ball caddy and bow net together for less than $100 is a deal. It looks there are some other things in this too.

11. Gator Grip (Thumb Guard) from Rawlings

It’s like the ProHitter but from Rawlings. $6 is about what you should pay for this, but they are never this price.

12. Visanol Wrist Trainer

No idea what this is. But, it looks like it could be a fun little stocking stuffer. It has great ratings too. And for less than $15, why not.

13. Slugger Batting Gloves

14. Mizuno Batting Gloves

15. DeMarini Batting Gloves

16. EvoShield XVT Helmet

17. Slugger Omaha 518 USA

18. Franklin Batting Gloves

Baseball Audio Book Deals

We also love to read or listen to books. And we love to convince others to do so too.

If you’ve never signed up for Amazon’s Audible (which is an online audiobook service), now is the time.

The first Prime deal we think is well worth your time is a subscription to Audible. The breadth of baseball books is unmatched. They are offering 40% off your first 6 months. So, basically, something like less than $9 per audiobook. These books often run $25 and at least $15 if you are outside of the prime deal. Here are the 6 baseball books we would recommend.

Here are some of the favorite baseball books we’ve read over the last few years.

Prime Membership

You do need a Prime Membership for any of these deals to work for you. That is the “catch,” no doubt. From what we understand, if you sign up during this period, then you get a certain time period for free (like 30 days), and then you can, if you don’t like it, cancel then without paying anything. You still get to keep the deals you got today and tomorrow.

Updated July 12, 2022

July 12, 2022

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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18 Amazon Prime Day Baseball & Softball Deals [updated 2022]

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