Updated: July 11, 2023

18 Amazon Prime Day Baseball & Softball Deals [updated 2023]

Prime Day is here. You can look through the baseball and fastpitch deals at this link. We are also tracking our favorites below.

Best Prime Day Deals Baseball and Fastpitch

Not to be outdone by Amazon, other big brands are pushing discounts directly on their site. Here are some we found worth checking out.

These are not in any particular order (#18 might be our favorite after all is said and done). They’re more in the order of how we found them. If we see any more during Prime Day, we will update this list with our favorite 18. Enjoy Christmas in July!

1. Mini Training Balls

Added: 07/11/23 02:08AM

Little foam balls can be used in all types of situations. We’ve had these in our bag of tricks for years, and they get used often. And for $10 and some change on Prime Day? Done and done. You also use these in a mini pitching machine, but throwing and hitting them with a ‘live arm’ is just as fun.

Deal: Mini Training Balls

prime day deal Mini Training Balls


2. Easton Speed USA Bat

Added: 07/11/23 10:26AM

This bat is reasonable. While it doesn’t make the best of the best types of list, that’s not who it is intended for. It’s a simple bat in a great range of sizes for a Prime price (at least in the 28/18) that you can’t be at $40. It’s a single-piece aluminum with a balanced swing. It’s a great bat for the price and a recommendable entry-level USA bat.

Deal: Easton Speed USA Bat

prime day deal Easton Speed USA Bat


3. Tee Ball Bat

Added: 07/11/23 10:22AM

If you need a tee ball bat anytime soon, then at $19, this is probably the time to buy. It’s not a huge saving, but this is probably the best tee ball bat you’ll find (and there’s not much difference between tee ball bats). But, if you need one, this is it, and today is the day.

Deal: Tee Ball Bat

prime day deal Tee Ball Bat


4. Easton Bat Bag

Added: 07/11/23 10:15AM

Prime Day is always great for getting batting gloves and bat bags. Here’s what is likely the best-sold Bat Bag, a Prime Day deal. Simple, to the point, good brand, and excellent ratings. It’s usually $49 and on discount for $39 occasionally. But, at $36 today is a real prime deal.

Deal: Easton Bat Bat

prime day deal Easton Bat Bat

5. Hitting Net

Added: 07/11/23 02:43AM

We’re pretty sure this hitting net makes the list every year. The guys at GoSports must live for this day. We own one of these nets, use it often, and have had it for over a year. We owned one before that one of our players left out in the rain, and, over time, one of the metal sticks didn’t come loose anymore, then we lost a piece. But it served its purpose after a few years, and we were pleased to buy another one. (Well, not happy. But we bought one anyways). Great deal, excellent ratings, and a great product.

Deal: Hitting Net

prime day deal Hitting Net


6. Pitching ‘Machine’

Added: 07/11/23 02:40AM

This thing is pretty fun to play with. And, if you don’t have electricity or don’t want to deal with the weight of those things, these little step-kick devices that throw a ball in a mechanical arm are pretty great. As well, looks like this is the cheapest this Slugger one has been in forever. At less than $120, it might be worth the weirdest thing you bought on Prime Day award.

Deal: Pitching ‘Machine’

prime day deal Pitching 'Machine'


7. Slugger Batting Gloves

Added: 07/11/23 02:37AM

Even more batting gloves we like at prices we are more willing to pay. Some sizes are as low as $15, which is a great deal because, as you know, any gloves you get are going to rip anyways.

Deal: Slugger Batting Gloves

prime day deal Slugger Batting Gloves


8. Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves

Added: 07/11/23 02:33AM

More batting gloves we like at prices we are more willing to pay. $26 aren’t the cheapest gloves, but you might not find these from Rawlings this cheap anytime soon.

Deal: Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves

prime day deal Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves


9. Rawlings R100-P Practice Baseballs

Added: 07/11/23 02:30AM

Ever heard anyone say, “I’ve got enough baseballs?” Exactly, no. You can’t have enough. We’ve never seen these collegiate practice balls this cheap at <$50. They’re usually in the $70s, and people buy them all day. If you need some nice practice balls, now might be the time.

Deal: Rawlings R100-P Practice Baseballs

prime day deal Rawlings R100-P Practice Baseballs


10. Little Kid Rawlings Glove

Added: 07/11/23 02:27AM

If you need some gloves or want your very young one (<6 years old) to have a glove, and who doesn’t, this is the one for you. It’s usually weirdly cheap at around $15, but at $12, if you were in the market, then now is the time.

Deal: Little Kid Rawlings Glove

prime day deal Little Kid Rawlings Glove

11. A2000 Super Skin Wilson Glove

Added: 07/11/23 02:25AM

A SuperSkin A2000 from Wilson at $240 is a reasonable deal. You can often find similar gloves in the bargain bin of major retailers for around this price. But, this is a reasonable deal on smooth gloves for an Amazon Prime day when you might be in the mood to splurge. The SuperSkin is a synthetic material that is lighter than leather. It is also more durable, and a lot of pros prefer it.

Deal: A2000 Super Skin Wilson Glove

prime day deal A2000 Super Skin Wilson Glove

12. 2023 Easton Black Magic

Added: 07/11/23 02:18AM

One of the most popular NCAA Baseball Bats for the 2023 CWS is on serious discount alert as Easton looks to unload some inventory via Amazon’s Prime Day. If you want or need a heavier swing in a legit BBCOR bat, this is an excellent get. And at under $180, this is the cheapest we’ve tracked this bat anywhere.

Deal: 2023 Easton Black Magic

prime day deal 2023 Easton Black Magic

13. Easton Fastpitch Batting Gloves

Added: 07/11/23 02:15AM

It depends on what pair you get, but you can get them for as low as $30. That’s a steal for Easton’s smooth-looking fastpitch gloves. Who can’t use another pair of batting gloves? We always buy batting gloves on Prime Day. It’s a great time to stock up.

Deal: Easton Fastpitch Batting Gloves

prime day deal Easton Fastpitch Batting Gloves

14. Easton Batting Gloves

Added: 07/11/23 02:13AM

It depends on what pair you get, but you can get them for as low as $22. That’s a steal for Easton’s midgrade batting glove. And, honestly, who can’t use another pair of batting gloves? We always buy batting gloves on Prime Day. It’s a great time to stock up.

Deal: Easton Batting Gloves

prime day deal Easton Batting Gloves

15. Easton Amethyst Fastpitch Bat

Added: 07/11/23 02:10AM

The Easton Amethyst is an entry-level fastpitch bat built for the girl who is just dabbling in the waters. It isn’t a bat you’ll see get great reviews, but this is a bargain deal price. If you’re looking for a simple at to get your daughter through the season, this is a great option. If you’re looking for a bat that will last a few seasons, we’d suggest you look elsewhere. But, for less than $50 on a prime day, it’s hard to pass up.

Deal: Easton Amethyst Fastpitch Bat

prime day deal Easton Amethyst Fastpitch Bat

16. Sunglasses

Added: 07/11/23 10:33AM

Another baseball/fastpitch accessory that seems to come through for us every Prime Day is sunglasses. These particular ones are for fishing, but what’s the difference between these and any made for baseball? The answer is marketing. But, for $16, you can pick up some of the most popular and highest-rated sunglasses on Amazon for Prime Day. Easy choice.

Deal: Sunglasses

prime day deal Suglasses

17. Weighted Training Balls

Added: 07/11/23 02:02AM

These are great deals on weighted training balls. They are great for training and getting your swing in shape: crazy excellent ratings and an outstanding deal. We also recommend using on any bat as they likely cause less damage than an actual baseball as they aren’t as hard.

Deal: Weighted Training Balls

prime day deal Weighted Training Balls


18. Tanner Tee

Added: 07/11/23 01:58AM

Tanner seems to go hard on Prime Day every year, and 2023 is no different. This is the lowest price we’ve seen in a long time on this bad boy, and the Tanner Tee is the best in the business. We’ve used it for years, and it’s the only tee we use. If you need a tee, this is the one to get.

Deal: Tanner Tee

prime day deal Tanner Tee

Baseball and Fastpitch Audio Book Deals

We also love to read or listen to books. And we love to convince others to do so too.

If you’ve never signed up for Amazon’s Audible (which is an online audiobook service), now is the time.

The first Prime deal we think is well worth your time is a subscription to Audible. The breadth of baseball books is unmatched. They are offering 40% off your first 6 months. So, basically, something like less than $9 per audiobook. These books often run $25 and at least $15 if you are outside of the prime deal. Here are the 6 baseball books we would recommend.

Here are some of our favorite baseball books we’ve read over the last few years.

Prime Membership

You do need a Prime Membership for any of these deals to work for you. That is the “catch,” no doubt. From what we understand, if you sign up during this period, then you get a certain period for free (like 30 days), and then you can, if you don’t like it, cancel then without paying anything. You still get to keep the deals you got today and tomorrow.