Updated: July 30, 2022

2020 33 Meta Prime Replacement

I received our refund from Wilson and looking at getting a replacement for the banned Meta Prime. We are limited to Wilson products. My son has swung the Demarini Voodoo and prefers something balanced. I’m just not sure that’s the right one for him. We have $550 to spend and want to get the best Wilson bat we can find.


(This is adapted from our advice section).

Thanks for the note, and that’s a great question.

(See our review on the 2021 Meta for release dates).

Considering all that is going on in the world, we suggest you hold on to that voucher and go for the 2021 Meta. Slugger plans to release that in July-ish. So, if it were us, we’d hold off on buying anything just yet and then take a serious look at 2021 Meta. We’ll be sure to test it right when it comes out.

Worst case scenario, you hold on to the voucher and end up getting a Goods or Prime for 2021 and then maybe a good deposit towards an A2000. We think The Goods is reasonable to upgrade from the Voodoo (although we love the Voodoo too).

But, we’re hopeful 2021 is worth our money once again (and a 33-inch to boot).

Good look and stay safe!