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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

2019 Easton USA Bats | New Little League World Series Bats

2019 Easton USA Bats | New Little League World Series Bats

September 19, 2020 | by | @BatDigest

Little League World Series bats for 2018 are much different than those of the 2017 Series. The 2018 versions have much less trampoline effect due to a new USA Bat Standard (which restricts performance by upwards of 10 to 20%). With that said, the 2019 Easton USA bats are serious upgrades from the first iteration of the 2018 USA Bat Standard. These are the main bats you’ll see in the 2018 Little League World Series.2019 Easton USA Bats

Through the first few games, LLWS home runs in 2018 measure out about once ever 3 games (0.333). In 2017 LLWS HR happened about 1.5 times per game. Compare this to the MLB in 2018 which is pacing around 1.15 and the CWS which had about 1.23.

Full Size LLWS HR Chart & Data

We also have the full set of data on a google spreadsheet that generates a full size chart. You can find that on the links below.

Full Data Spreadsheet Found Here

We are updating the heading image on this page throughout the tournament. You can also see more of our commentary on our twitter account.

Looking for information on the 2019 Little League Easton lineup?

You’ve come to the right place. Here is what to expect from the 2019 Easton USA bats.

Best Place to Buy 2019 Easton USA Bats

No company has any better distribution than Easton. As such, expect to find Easton USA Bats at every serious, and not so serious, bat store. We always check Amazon for Easton USA Bats as well as the 2019 USA Bat section at JustBats and Closeoutbats. Of course, too, you can check out Easton directly.

Price Check

2019 USA Easton USA Bat Video

Release Dates: Last we heard, expect Late October/November for official releases on bats like the Ghost X Evolution in USA.

The roll out of 2019 Easton USA Bats is a very exciting time for us—and a number of Little League teams. These bats represent a huge portion of the market that we write about. Find our current 7 favorites here.

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Did they use USA Bats in 2018?

2018 Easton USAbat Reviews

In 2018, the Little Leauge world series used 2017 USSSA legal bats but they were painted like the new USA Bats for 2018. This year, 2018, will be the first year they use the actual USA Bat standard in the games. And they have all new designs too.

When To Buy

2019 Easton USA Bats

The 2019 Easton USA bats are available starting no earlier than September of 2018. However, some (like the Ghost X Evo) aren’t available to the public until November. (See what is available now).

Most people who bought USA Bats super early in 2017 (for the 2018 season) ended up choosing incorrectly.

Caution: Although the excitement around new bats is always there, we suggest waiting a few weeks (and months) if you can. By November we should know much more in terms of bat performance, feedback and proper fit.

In terms of getting the best deal you’ll need to wait until the summer of 2019 before you see any legitimate discounts. Easton’s selling agreements require a certain price to be held for a certain amount of time. This process of a guaranteed price helps the bat world go around as big vendors spend millions and millions of dollars on bulk bat purchases.

2019 Easton USA Bats

Ghost X HyperliteCompositeSoon$$$
Beast ProMetalSoon
Beast SpeedMetalSoon$$$
Beast Speed HybridMetalSoon$$$
Ghost X EVOCompositeSoon$$$$
Beast HyperliteMetalSoon

2018 vs 2019 Easton USA Bats

In terms of sheer volume not much has changed between 2019 and 2018 Easton USA Bats. However, in terms of individual bats much has changed.

The 2018 USA Bat world was much of an experiment. Even Easton’s marquee Ghost X had serious trouble on mishits. Lots of kids dropped the bats and never picked them up again after hitting. They just stung too much.

Easton, with a year’s worth of feedback, has improved upon every single USA bat in their lineup. They changed the end cap in every bat which is a significant help for bats like the Beast X Hybrid (how called Beast X Hybrid Speed) because it weighed more like a drop 8 instead of a drop 10. In bats like the Ghost X Hyperlite they added foam inserts within the barrel to help with handsting.

Across the board we expect, and have seen, better results with the 2019 Easton USA bat lineup. We expect to see those results at the 2018 Little League World Series.

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