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The Permanent “Temporary” Suspension of the Hype Fire

The Perfect Game banned the Drop 5 Hype Fire bat on April 8th, 2024, citing “safety and integrity.” Easton, the bat’s maker, claims they didn’t know about the ban until it was announced, although Batdigest heard about it the day before. Easton pointed out that the bat is still legal under USSSA rules and questioned […]

The Lightest Tee Ball Bat | 294 Paperclips

We just can’t help but notice how perfectly adorable tiny baseball equipment is. Easton has made a t-ball bat that is 24 inches long and, get ready for this, a DROP 13.5! The bat weighs all of 10.5 ounces. It is the Easton Ghost X 24/10.5 tee ball bat. It is the lightest tee ball […]

NCAA Baseball Bats

Over the years, we’ve tracked the bat usage of NCAA baseball and fastpitch teams. Our results are below. Sponsorship Bat Deals Many college-level programs have agreements with major sports brands for access to equipment. Usually, the players are not required to swing and use a specific brand, but they are highly encouraged by getting free […]

NCAA Home Run Rate By Year Charts

Ever wondered about the home run rate in NCAA Baseball? Below are a few charts and tables you might find helpful. We captured loads of data via Official NCAA Statistics and made these charts ourselves. As of April 24th, a bit more than half way through the season, the HR/AB rate is almost exactly as […]

The Tale of King Kassius Grabus

When we last heard of King Monopolus, he was trampled and passed away when his castle was stormed. His son, Kassius Grabus, now heir to the throne, had reached the age of 19. He was ready to take over the Prussian Grolov Kingdom for his beloved father and grandfather, King Alloy III. When his father […]

4 Places to Buy Used Baseball Bats

We’ve spent more time buying used baseball bats than anyone. Really. Over the last five years, we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on hundreds of different bats from no less than two dozen different sites and companies. Where do we buy our used bats? Well, that depends. Where do we ( buy used baseball […]

BBCOR Bat Swing Weights and Barrel Sizes

2024 Barrel Sizes We slide a plastic ring under 2 5/8 of an inch down the barrel. When it stops, we measure the differences between the end of the barrel and the ring. This gives us the ‘barrel size.’ In some cases, like the F5 and the Pro 44 Alloy, the ring slides off, so […]

Illegal Bat Lists

Recent Illegal Bat Announcements On April 8th, 2024, the Perfect Game announced that all the drop 5 Hype Fires from Easton are banned from play. This currently only affects Perfect Game and does not apply to USSSA at large. Easton has yet to comment. Major Easton outlets have suggested this was news to Easton on […]

The Lyin, The Rich, and the Wardrobe

It was the best of times for the Prussian Grolov Kingdom. Its domination of all lands east and west had extended into its 3rd decade under King Alloy III. The Kingdom’s strength was the power and tenacity of its warriors. While the War Charter of 115 A.D. dictated that no soldier could be older than […]

NCAA Fastpitch Bats

We’ve tracked NCAA fastpitch bat usage for a few years now, and you can find most of our work on the subject below, categorized by year and then, usually, team. 2024 NCAA Fastpitch Bats Oklahoma, which looks utterly dominant this year (again) has a sponoship with Rawlings (as you can see). We can’t tell the […]

How To Steal Signs and Protect Yours

When I was in Little League around 9 years old, my dad, a former MLB catcher, was our coach—and he stole the other team’s signs EVERY game. He knew the apparent indicators like the bill of the cap or swiping both arms. But the funny thing was—he didn’t tell us. He let us play. As […]

Ebay Baseball Bat Deals

In the middle of 2023, we analyzed the sales data on over 5,000 BBCOR bats on eBay to consider the popularity and what might be a good deal. Our results are below. We’re hopeful this information can give you insight into buying the best bat. In short, the tricks are: 20%+ At Peak Season, Avoid.. […]

The Best DeMarini Voodoo Ever

We spent weeks scouring eBay, Sidelineswap and used good forums trying to track down every BBCOR DeMarini Voodoo ever made. They went back to 2011. Eventually, we were successful. (Although the 2019 Voodoo Insane in a 32″ eludes us still). [toc] Method We acquired fourteen 32-inch DeMarini Voodoos from eBay and SidelineSwap during May and […]

The Power of Pivot Points in Your Bat’s Performance

If you’re wondering why your performance of the bat does not match the demonstration you saw or why your plate appearances are not having the same results as your BP or soft toss sessions, it may have something to do with the pivot point of your swing. Because everyone’s swing is at least a bit […]

4 Reasons Behind the Historic Home Run Surge in 2023 College Baseball

The current season of college baseball has seen an unprecedented surge in home runs, reaching record-breaking rates that have sparked widespread discussion among fans, players, and analysts. This remarkable trend is likely the result of a convergence of several distinct factors. In particular, four key areas stand out as potential contributors to the increase in […]

Is the Perfect Game Worth It?

Is a Perfect Game Showcase worth it? Their website implies a lot. Millions of pageviews, well over 10,000 PG attendees were drafted, 300,000+ college commits, and access to college coaches, to say nothing of guys like Bryce Harper and Manny Machado who attended these things. How can it not be worth every penny you’ve got? […]

Composite vs Aluminum vs Hybrid vs Wood Bat

The differences between a composite, aluminum, hybrid, and wood bat may be obscure, but the following simplifies it. We compare each type of bat to the other three. Below are general recommendations for collegiate, high school, and little league players. Comparisons Composite When we speak composite bats, we mean bats with a composite barrel. Some […]

What’s Difference Between Baseball and Softball Bats

We spend much time talking about fastpitch and baseball bats—even more time reviewing and ranking them. But we haven’t spent much time getting bare and discussing their differences. But, it turns out, people have several questions about the differences; we’ll do our best to answer them below. Is there a difference between a baseball and a […]

Bat Rattle – Is It Broke?

One question or complaint we hear a lot is about bat rattle. That is, when you shake the bat, it sounds like a small piece of plastic or metal is shaking around in the bat’s barrel, and, as such, it sounds like a rattle. The vast majority of the time, the bat is fine. A […]

Using Bats During Cold Weather

It would help if you did not use performance bats in cold weather. The issue is not a cold bat but a cold ball. Cold weather, according to most manufacturers, is sub 60 degrees. Cold Weather Bat Recommendations With that said, we realize that playing in sub-60-degree weather is commonplace. We play in the rocky […]

The Longest, Shortest, Heaviest and Lightest Bats of the MLB

Under our Best At-Bats section, we compile data from auction houses on bat sizes of past and present greats. That aggregated data shows some insights worth sharing. In particular, the sheer range of bat size metrics from Major League players is something we always find interesting. From our work so far, we identified the longest, shortest, heaviest […]

25+ Black Friday Baseball Deals [2023 Industry Wide Tracker]

2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Baseball Deals are coming and we are YOUR source for those deals. We will track and update them as we have since 2015. Last Updated: 11/25/2023 1:30 pm MST 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Baseball Bats Deals Quick: 8 Best Deals We think the MLB Hat shop is […]

Little League World Series Bats

We track the Little League World Series bat usage yearly at the regionals. Our findings are reported here. Jump LLWS – 2023 Bats LLWS – 2022 Bats LLWS – 2019 Bats Method For 2023, we watched all of the first-round games on the family of ESPN channels. While watching, we track bat usage the first […]

The State of Travel Ball [Real Parent Survey Results]

In June 2023, we conducted a survey involving approximately 700 parents of baseball players regarding their experiences with travel teams. We aimed to present this data in an annual report called the State of Travel Ball, making it easily accessible to a broader audience. To assist parents, players, and coaches in forming their conclusions, we […]

18 Amazon Prime Day Baseball & Softball Deals [updated 2023]

Prime Day is here. You can look through the baseball and fastpitch deals at this link. We are also tracking our favorites below. Best Prime Day Deals Baseball and Fastpitch Not to be outdone by Amazon, other big brands are pushing discounts directly on their site. Here are some we found worth checking out. Rawlings’s […]

End-Loaded vs Balanced Bats: Which is Right For You?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a baseball bat is its balance. The Balanced vs. End Load Fallacy We must understand that the range from light to heavy swing is a spectrum, not a category. Swing weight isn’t a binary determination but an actual calculated number. Companies certainly make bats trying […]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Baseball Bat Rules

By Jon Zayle [Jon Zayle is a baseball dad from New Jersey who owns way too many bats. He declares himself a bat expert, similar to the way Michael Scott declared bankruptcy. He is currently working with Dr. Peter Venkman to create a device that will trap all travel baseball drama.] The fact that I’m […]

What’s The Best Bat for my Age?

Are you looking for the best bat for a specific age? For starters, you’re asking a great question because the first trick in getting the right bat is realizing that your best bat bet is not one someone else can hit the hardest. We’ve spent hours hitting each age group and collecting data to determine […]

2024 Bat Droppings: Should We Hype The Hype

The 2024 Hype Fire drops this week. Or is it next? Or was it last? We can’t keep track as the buzz around this bat is at fever-pitch levels. Easton’s Instagram said June 1st direct and June 6/7th at select retailers. But outlets have Harry Potter book 7-type parties this Friday, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok […]