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Best Youth Wood Bat

Best Youth Wood Bat

Our take on the best youth wood bats available in 2023 and heading into 2024.

After a lot of research, in game and cage testing, we think the Maple Sam Bat CD1 is the best youth wood bat. Players liked the solid feel and pro type custom options. Parents liked the reasonable price point for a bat that is just like the ones the pros use save, of course, the size.

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Updated February 8, 2024

We updated this list in July of 2022.

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What is the Right Bat Size

For exact and scientific suggestions, look at our bat size chart.

However, wood bats rarely come in a light enough size for the average youth player. Most good wood youth bats are a drop 6 or 5. Some you can find in a drop 7.

In other words:

Wood bats are hard to size correctly for youth and since wood bats don’t possess the ability to control swing weight with a hollow barrel like composite and aluminum bats. It is impossible, for example, to find a 20-ounce bat, one of the more popular weights.