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Best USSSA Bats 2024 [June Updats]

For June 2024, our tests showed the top USSSA big barrel bat is the 2024 Easton Hype Fire (Drop 10). While durability might be a concern, many players and their parents prioritize hitting home runs over price. We’d highly recommend buying from authorized outlets for warranty protection. Other great options include Marucci’s CAT X Composite and DeMarini’s CF Mashup. Don’t overlook budget-friendly choices like Easton’s ALX and Maxum Ultra.

We get performance data directly from real USSSA hitters to find the best bats empirically. We track thousands of swings, collecting exit speeds and ball flight and survey data on value, durability, performance, perception, and popularity. See the results below for 2024 bats (and previous years), updated throughout the season. Bats like the DeMarini CF and Solider Tank will be with our next crop of USSSA bats we review for 2025.

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Updated June 17, 2024

The CAT X2 has been out for a few weeks now, and we expect to see a huge slew of 2025 USSSA bats when the early fall (August) hits and the LLWS is up on us. (Companies tend to release their USA and USSSA versions around the same time.) In the meantime, we’re sitting around waiting for those drops so we can get them in-house and tested.

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Best USSSA Bats 2024 [June Updats] Write Ups

What is the Right Bat Size

We think the right size bat is way more important than the right model bat. Never buy the wrong size in the model you or your player might believe is hottest. Our data shows that the most significant piece to determine exit speeds is the swing weight of a bat. It follows that fitting the right size to the right player is single most important piece of data to get right. You can see more on our bat size chart.

Bat Rumors

We don’t see any major changes to the USSSA line in the short run. However, some rumors suggest we’ll see a few new USSSA bats in October of 2023.

USSSA Bat Compression Data

USSSA compressions can be a distracting topic, and we’re cautious about showcasing minor fluctuations in compression ratings on a device and process with its level of flux. However, for those interested, we’d instead you get this from us, who are not involved in compression bat sales, knowing we aren’t trying to manipulate it to show a specific outcome or imply a particular result. Note that these are all drop 10 bats with varying degrees of “worked in.”

2024 USSSA Bat Compressions by Bat Digest