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Best DRop 12 Bat

We’ve updated this for the fall of 2023 and think these are the best drop 12 bats on the market today.

We think the Slugger Metas dominate in the drop 12 baseball market. We like it both as our favorite in USSSA and USA. For fastpitch, we like Marucci’s alloy DMND. It’s a light swing with great ratings. If you want to go a bit more old school then don’t sleep on the Rawlings threat.

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Updated February 8, 2024

We updated this in the fall of 2023 with some of the new bats and forward looking into the holiday season around the corner.

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What is the Right Bat Size

The best bat is the right-sized bat. Of all the things we try and preach at BatDigest.com, you should always get the right-sized bat before getting any bat you think is hot or overpowered. You can see our bat size chart to reference where you should be. Generally, drop 12 bats are reserved for those under the age of 10 who want more length in their bat. But, be warned, you’ll get more hand stings when your bats’ weight-to-length ratio increases.

Are These Drop 12s Really the Best?

Despite the title of this article, we make no sweeping claims that we have somehow found the categorical best drop 12 bats. We submit, that the following bats in the drop 12 space are legit and should be a very good fit for a number of hitters. But, by no means do we suggest that the best bat for many is therefore the best bat for all.

Who Needs a Drop 12 Bat?

Our bat size chart is useful in terms of finding the right-length bat. The maximum weight you can get in a drop 12 is a 32-inch bat. This would give it a scale weight of 20 ounces, roughly.

Using the chart, you’ll see that this type of bat is good for a 12-year-old that weighs less than 80 pounds; a 10-year-old under 50 inches tall; virtually any size player under the age of 9.