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Best Coach Pitch Bat | Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

Best Coach Pitch Bat

These are best coach bats we can find from our curated list of best baseball and fastpitch bats.

We should not be overthinking the best coach pitch bat. Despite companies best efforts, there are virtually no difference between bats often considered “coach pitch.” A coach pitch bat is a bat that is not rated for high pitch speeds and is generally very light so younger kids can weild it. Imagine this as a slight improvement over T-Ball bats but, in truth, a coach pitch bat is really just a slightly larger T-ball bat.

Note this too: these are often referred to as Junior Big Barrel bats.

Our favorite are generally the less expensive ones as long as theyhave a big barrel and a light swing. So, for USSSA we like an older version of a CAT in a JBB. For USA take a look at a bat like the Rawlings Threat.

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Updated February 8, 2024

We updated this list with 2023 and 24 bats in August of 2023.

Best Coach Pitch Bat | Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Write Ups

What is the Right Bat Size

The most critical piece to getting the best coach pitch bat is to get the right size bat. For your hitter, it might be in the T-Ball range of sizes. No one is hitting for power in Coach Pitch. We are trying to make consistent and fair contact. That’s the win, and the brand or model isn’t doing much here.

FAQ on Coach Pitch Bats

What Makes the Best Coach Pitch Bat?

We spent several hours in the cage, online, and in-game, analyzing the performance of various coach pitch bats. After extensive testing and review, we identified the key factors that define a top-notch coach pitch or Junior Big Barrel bat:

  1. As much Barrel Size as Possible per given Swing Weight: A larger barrel increases the likelihood of making contact with the ball. However, a heavy bat might not be suitable for younger players. Thus, an optimal bat has a large barrel but maintains a manageable swing weight.
  2. Sting Dampening on the Hands-on Mishits: A bat that minimizes hand sting during mishits can make the baseball experience more enjoyable for young players.
  3. The Sickest Paint Job: Appealing aesthetics can boost a player’s confidence at the plate, and confidence can play a crucial role in performance.

Should I Get a Composite Coach Pitch Bat?

Composite coach pitch bats are generally lighter in swing weight compared to their aluminum counterparts, though there are exceptions. If a player finds a specific aluminum bat too heavy, they might benefit more from choosing a shorter bat rather than switching materials. However, advanced young players who can handle more power might want to consider other bats rated for faster pitches.

Junior Big Barrel vs. Coach Pitch vs. Big Barrel – What’s the Difference?

Junior big barrel bats are synonymous with coach pitch bats. While both have large barrels, they are designed for slower pitch speeds and are available in shorter lengths. On the other hand, Big Barrel bats are meant for higher pitch speeds.

2 3/4 or 2 5/8 Coach Pitch Bat – Which One to Choose?

While both 2 3/4 and 2 5/8 coach pitch bats are available, it’s generally advisable to opt for the 2 3/4 size if the league permits. The 2 5/8 bats with a USA Bat stamp are more suited for USA Bat leagues. As of 2018, light-swinging USA Bats were rare, making options like the Rawlings Threat (a drop 12) more appealing.

What is the Right Bat Size for a Coach Pitch?

Choosing the correct bat size is crucial for coach pitch baseball. Some young players might even find T-Ball sizes more suitable. The primary objective in Coach Pitch is to achieve consistent and fair contact rather than hitting for power. The brand or model plays a secondary role in this context.