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Best Bat for 7 Year Old

Best Bat for 7 Year Old

In truth, the best bat for a 7-year-old should be more about getting the right size instead of getting the right bat model. Our experience is that swinging a bat forcefully is more important than any particular brand or model. We do like the Omaha, F5, and CAT for sure. They are significant bats with a good feel. But, most importantly, they come in the sizes most common for 7U—and that was our driving factors.

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Updated February 8, 2024

We hit with the vast majority of 2020 baseball and fastpitch bats and have updated this article to reflect as much. As other bats are released throughout the year or as more feedback comes in to change our minds, we will update that information here. In the meantime, these are the best bats for 7U, according to us.

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What is the Right Bat Size

The right bat size for most 7-year-olds is a 27/17. We know this because we surveyed hundreds of parents of small players and found that 7-year-olds are most happy with a 27/17 and swing it most often. The next most popular bat was a 28/18 followed by the 26/16. However, the 28-inch 7-year-old swingers were not as happy with the bat size and thought it too heavy. We suggest you go for a 27/17 or 26/16. If you are looking at a bat that does not use a drop 10, then focus on the 16 and 17-ounce range instead of the 27 or 26-inch length. You can see more of that data on our bat size chart. (The drop is the numerical difference between the bat’s length in inches and weight in ounces. So, a 28/17 is a drop 11). Bat Size Chart for 7 Year Old

Bat Rumors

For the 7-year-old space, we don’t know of any particular rumors about bat options. Usually, as the holidays get closer, big companies drop some unique limited-edition versions of bats. They may be available in the 26 to 28-inch range. So, if you’re really into stuff, you might want to wait around. Expect to pay a premium for those things, though.