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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Best USA > Best Bat for 7 Year Old

Best Bat for 7 Year Old

We’ve hit with every performance bat from 2015 through 2020. These are the Best Bat for 7 Year Old readily available that we’ve tested and measured.

Best Bat for 7 Year Old
Best Bat for 7 Year Old
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By Brian September 20, 2020 11:12 am

Best Bat for 7 Year Old Best Bat for 7 Year Old

2020 Louisville Slugger Omaha

It depends on what league you are in, but we think the 2020 Slugger Omaha JBB is the best bat for a 7-year-old. We like its balance, price, and barrel size. For most 7-year-olds, the right size is a 27/17.

View at Louisville Slugger
View at Dick’s Sporting Goods
23 Amazon Reviews
Best USA Bat for 7 Year Old Best USA Bat for 7 Year Old

2020 Marucci CAT 8 USA

If you're required to swing a USA bat at seven years old, then we suggest Marucci's CAT. Although not cheap, and likely more than most parents are willing to spend on their 7-year-olds baseball efforts, it is a great bat in the right sizes.

View at Marucci
View at Dick’s Sporting Goods
7 Amazon Reviews
Best Cheap Bat For 7U Best Cheap Bat For 7U

2020 Marucci F5

If you want the best cheap bat for a 7-year-old, finds the Marucci F5 in an older version. But, as time goes on, the stock is limited, and the black version of this bat is the only one left. Still, even at its new bat price, it makes for a value buy.

View at Marucci
View at Dick’s Sporting Goods
4 Amazon Reviews
See Comparison Chart

Update September 20:

We hit with the vast majority of 2020 baseball and fastpitch bats and have updated this article to reflect as much. As other bats are released throughout the year or as more feedback comes in to change our minds, we will update that information here. In the meantime, these are the best bats for 7U, according to us.

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What’s The Right Bat Size?

The right bat size for most 7-year-olds is a 27/17. We know this because we surveyed hundreds of parents of small players and found that 7-year-olds are most happy with a 27/17 and swing it most often. The next most popular bat was a 28/18 followed by the 26/16. However, the 28-inch 7-year-old swingers were not as happy with the bat size and thought it too heavy. We suggest you go for a 27/17 or 26/16.

If you are looking at a bat that does not use a drop 10, then focus on the 16 and 17-ounce range instead of the 27 or 26-inch length. You can see more of that data on our bat size chart.

(The drop is the numerical difference between the bat’s length in inches and weight in ounces. So, a 28/17 is a drop 11).
Bat Size Chart for 7 Year Old

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Comparison Chart

Best Bat for 7 Year Old Best USA Bat for 7 Year Old Best Cheap Bat For 7U
Brand 1. Louisville Slugger 2. Marucci 3. Marucci
Model Omaha CAT 8 USA F5
Rating 4.7/5 4.8/5 4.7/5
Price $$ $$$ $$
Year 2020 2020 2020
Type Single Piece Aluminum USA Single Piece Aluminum
Weight Balanced Balanced Light/Balanced
Barrel Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum

Bat Rumors…

For the 7-year-old space, we don’t know of any particular rumors about bat options. Usually, as the holidays get closer, big companies drop some unique limited-edition versions of bats. They may be available in the 26 to 28-inch range. So, if you’re really into stuff, you might want to wait around. Expect to pay a premium for those things, though.

Best Bat for 7 Year Old

In truth, the best bat for a 7-year-old should be more about getting the right size instead of getting the right bat model. Our experience is that swinging a bat forcefully is more important than any particular brand or model. We do like the Omaha, F5, and CAT for sure. They are significant bats with a good feel. But, most importantly, they come in the sizes most common for 7U—and that was our driving factors.

Best Bat for 7 Year Old

Best Bat for 7 Year Old

1. Louisville Slugger Omaha

Best Bat for 7 Year Old

JBB SPECIFICATIONS | Drop: 10 | Bat Type: Single Piece Aluminum | Barrel Type: Aluminum | Price: $$ | Swing Weight: Balanced | Rating: 4.7/5 | Models: WTLBBO520B3, WTLSLO5J1020, WTLSLO5X1020, WTLSLO5B520, WTLUBO5B1020 | Features: Durable

Reasons to Buy
  • Durable
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Tons of Sizing Options
  • Long History of Solid Reviews
  • Value Pricing in the Performance Bat Space
  • NCAA Players Love this Line of Bats
Reasons to Avoid
  • Single Piece will Hurt Hands on Mishits
  • Smaller Barrel Profile

The JBB version of the Omaha is an excellent blend of value, barrel size, and a light swing. It’s also beneficial the bat comes in a 26, 27, and 28-inch—which are the three most common sizes that 7-year-olds swing.

Slugger’s 2020 Omaha in a Junior Big Barrel is a single-piece bat with a big aluminum barrel. At seven, we don’t expect any real bat performance standouts. You’ll need some actual bat speed for that. But, if you’re looking for the best bat in the space, this is it. Expect a light swing a great sound and, if they can barrel up a good pitch, some real distance.

We do like other USSSA bats for older kids and would like it for 7-year-olds too, but the sizing options are just not there in any particular line.

MORE: 2020 Louisville Slugger Omaha Review

Best USA Bat for 7 Year Old

Best USA Bat for 7 Year Old

2. Marucci CAT 8 USA

Best USA Bat for 7 Year Old

USA SPECIFICATIONS | Drop: 10 | Bat Type: USA | Barrel Type: Aluminum | Price: $$$ | Swing Weight: Balanced | Rating: 4.8/5 | Models: MSBC10USA | Features: Anti-Vibration Knob

Reasons to Buy
  • Great Performance and User Reviews
  • Big Barrel
  • Anti-Vibration Dampening
Reasons to Avoid
  • Expensive

Marucci’s CAT USA bat, built for the 2020 season, comes with tech built in some of the best bats in the game. They use an anti-vibration knob piece that helps dampen sting. Although we don’t expect 7-year-olds to generate the pitch speed or bat speed to create a lot of hand-sting, the anti-vibration ability is helpful —especially if you play any cold-weather ball.

The major drawback of the 2020 Marucci CAT is the price point for a 7-year-old. More than likely, they are only playing a handful of games, and it’s hard to justify a $150 price point for a bat that will is used for only a few months. There are plenty of cheaper options. In most cases, we suggest those. But, if you want the best bat in the USA space that money can buy, we recommend Marucci’s CAT USA in a 27/17 for a 7U. (You can also go with the 26/16 or 28/18).

MORE: 2020 Marucci CAT Review

Best Cheap Bat For 7U

Best Cheap Bat For 7U

3. Marucci F5

Best Cheap Bat For 7U

JBB SPECIFICATIONS | Drop: 10 | Bat Type: Single Piece Aluminum | Barrel Type: Aluminum | Price: $$ | Swing Weight: Light/Balanced | Rating: 4.7/5 | Models: MJBBF52, MSBF52, MCBF52 | Features: Big Barrel

Reasons to Buy
  • Big Barrel
  • Inexpensive, Relatively Speaking
  • Stiff Feel
  • Nice Balanced Swing
Reasons to Avoid
  • Some Durability Issues Reported
  • Stiff Competition in the Single Piece BBCOR Space

Although it does not come in a USA version, the Marucci F5 is a great value purchase bat, especially in the Junior Big Barrel space. It also comes in the perfect sizes for 7-year-olds (a 27/17) as well as the two other most popular sizes (26/16 and 28/18, in that order).

Although the bat lacks a bit of gumption in the BBCOR and drop 10 USSSA versions, we think the big barrel, light swing, and price point make it the perfect bat for most 7-year-olds. If you can find the bat in an older model with the size, you need we say go for it as it didn’t change from the 2018 version (white and blue) to this 2020 version (black and blue).


MORE: 2020 Marucci F5 Review (Black Out)

Too Expensive to be the Best?

Honestly, Probably.

Over $150 on a bat for a 7u is pushing most people’s envelope.

Here’s a formula to decide if you should spend it.

Take the number of games you are playing and multiply it by their age. (In this case, 7). Our general rule is don’t spend any more than that on a baseball bat.


Playing ten games, then multiply seven by 10 (for $70) and don’t spend more than $70.

$70 is way less than the $160 or so the CF Zen JBB Drop 11 will cost you. So, look elsewhere.

Best Fastpitch Bat For 7 Year Old

Best Fastpitch T-Ball Bat for 7 Year Old

Although there are very few options in the seven-year-old fastpitch space, this Jennie Finch T-ball Softball bat in a drop 13 is a perfect fit. It’s a single piece bat built with a meager swing weight, so even the tiniest of 7-year-olds could hit this bat well in the 24-inch and 11-ounce model. The 26-inch and 13-ounce model will do well for just about everyone else.

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ashley dixon
ashley dixon
7 months ago

I dont see the USA label on any of these, do you have a review for approved USA ones?

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