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Best Bat For 6 Year Old

Care more about the right size than the right brand here. Depending on the league you are in, you may also find some success in our best Coach Pitch bat as well as our best Tee Ball Bat.

Our best trick for finding the best bat for a 6-year-old is NOT to OVERTHINK IT. At this level, a bat’s barrel is going to bounce anything. To be sure, ensure you get the right size bat; for a 6-year-old, that is usually small (see our 6-year-old bat chart here). But other than that tidbit, it doesn’t matter much. If we had to choose, we really like Marucci’s F5 in the 2024 or 2022 model. Both are great and swing light enough for that smaller hitter. If you want to get real serious, you can also check out Easton’s Maxum JBB version. It comes in a short size too.

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What is the Right Bat Size

We surveyed dozens of parents of 6-year-olds about the size of bat they use. The right size bat for most 6 years old is either a drop 12 26/14 or a drop 10 26/16. We suggest you stay in that range of 14 to 16 ounces regardless of what bat you get. If anything, you need to be lighter, as most survey respondents said their bat was too heavy for a 6-year-old.

Bat Size Chart 16 Year Old

Bat Rumors

New small tee ball bats come into the market every year from September through November. Those bats are usually reprinted from previous years, and there is no difference now. We don’t think there have been any improvements to 6-year-old bats since. So, there isn’t much to wait for regarding the latest and most remarkable stuff.

We do note; however, there tends to be a better time to buy T-Ball bats. Those times occur in the late July or August of the year they are released. Occasionally, a significant vendor will blow out their inventory and unload some bats for 6-year-olds in the 14 to 16-ounce range. But, other than that insight, there aren’t any bat rumors to report.

What bats are allowed in his or her league?

Few 6-year-old leagues have actual restrictions on bats. Many Junior Big Barrel bats on the market are not rated for anything. Nor are tee-ball bats, generally speaking. These bats are built much more for a light swing than for a wild performance.

That said, however, you should ensure there are no particular bat restrictions for the league you are playing in. Some don’t allow certain weight drops or 2 1/4 barrels. Most are anything goes. Check with your local league director or coach.

How much money do you want to spend?

Pricing for bats, you may already know, can be ridiculous. Some Junior Big Barrel bats are pushing $250, while others in the 6-year-old tee ball space are not more than $20. Our general rule for bat budget is the “Rule of 7”. Take the number of games the child is playing and multiply it by $7.00. Do not spend more than that.

What size bat does he or she need?

Bat sizing at age six should not be tricky. Few are hitting for long distances. We have a simple bat sizing chart worth reviewing if you are ultra-concerned about the right size.

For 6-year-old kids, lighter is almost always better. Bat speed and control will mean much more for on-base percentage than barrel size and weight distribution. Many bats come in weights as low as 11 and 12 ounces. Some Junior Big Barrel bats are as heavy as 15 or 16 ounces. When in doubt, choose the lighter swing.

What about USA Bats?

Some leagues, even as young as 6, require the USA Bat stamp on their bats. If that is you, look under the USA bat section of major retailers. We have a list of our favorite USA Bats here.