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Best Bat for 10 Year Old

For the 2023 season, we think the best new bats for a 10-year-old, regardless of price, are the drop 10 USSSA Marucci CAT X Composite 30/20 or 29/19. Check the Easton ADV 360 drop 11 or 10 in a 30/19 if you need to go USA for a 10-year-old. We also like the DeMarini as the best bat for a 10-year-old fastpitch player. For the budget-conscious, our hitters like the Marucci F5.

We’ve hit just about every bat between 2023 and 2018. Youth USSSA, USA, and fastpitch bat, you name it, we’ve hit it. We collect the data, which drives our list of best bats for 10-year-olds. For 10-year-olds (and any age, for that matter), we’ve found that getting the proper bat size is more important than getting the *best* bat model. A poorly fitted-bat is the death of a promising hitting season. Here are our favorite bats for a 10-year-old.

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Updated February 8, 2024

Our most recent update added our 2023 selections and confirmed the bat deals for our cheap and older bats are still atleast somewhat available in the market.

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What is the Right Bat Size

The right bat size is more important than the right bat model. At 10, nothing could be worse than trying to hit a ball with a bat that is too heavy except for doing it with a bat that is too light. Bats without enough swing weight will wring the hands more often and won’t produce enough power to be useful. Bats that are too heavy won’t give players enough time to catch up to the pitch.

Bat Rumors

For 2021 most of the bats are already released. We do not expect any new bats to hit the shelves until later in July when the Little League World Series gets under way.