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Best Wood Bats

Best Wood Bats

After considering every wood bat on the market, we think the Victus V-Cuts is the best bat line on the market. If you want a specific model, we think the 110 is the best for younger hitters and the 243 is the best for more advanced hitters. If you want a cheap option go with the Rawlings Big Stick.

It’s hard to differentiate between wood baseball bats. They are, after all, trees. There is something to be said of the effectiveness of the billet the bat is made from, the very best billets go to the pro players. It is almost impossible for a consumer to get that kind of wood bat, even if companies say they did. However, there are a handful of wood bat companies that produce fine wood bats, and there are a few, due to their distribution, price, customer service and quality, we think are the best.

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Updated February 8, 2024

We updated this with a new list for the summer of 2023 going into the 2024 season and winter workouts with new data and updated options.

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What is the Right Bat Size

The right size wood bat is as important as the right wood bat brand and model. Swing weight can be affected by the turn (the model shape) as it can the length. So, above all else, get the bat that has the right size.

Wood Bat Terminology

Wood Bat Terminology

While you’re out shopping for the best wood bat, you’ll need to understand the terminology of a wood bat. Basically, there are six elements to the anatomy of a wood bat.

  • Knob: The knob is the part of the bat that your bottom hand rests upon. There are a significant number of bat knob types and this should be a major point of emphasis in your purchase.
  • The width of the grip matters too. The ticker the grip the less chance of breaking, but also the more difficult the bat becomes to swing.
  • The Taper is the connection between the barrel and the grip and the speed at which the taper occurs is the major difference in bat model turns. A faster taper means a heavier bat but a thicker barrel and more chances to square something up.
  • The Barrel is the part of the bat where the ball is supposed to hit the bat. Barrel max diameters are limited to 2 5/8 of an inch but many bat model turns never even make it to the max because they are trying to keep the swing weight down.
  • The end cap or end cup is the shape of the end of the bat. Some are cupped deep to help bring down swing weight, some are full for maximum power to the ball at impact.


Understanding Wood Bat Turns

Understanding Wood Bat Turns

Generally, wood bat turn models get thicker as the number gets higher. So, a 243 is overall thinner than a 271. A 110 is bigger than a 72.

However, as you’ll quickly learn, many wood bat companies have modeled a specific turn after a specific player. Marucci, for example, has an AP5, which is named after Albert Pujols and his jersey #5. The AP5 is a big bat, like the 243, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that. So, while paying attention to the turn number is helpful, a bat company’s desire to distinguish itself with a popular pro name has made it more difficult to know which is which.