We recently ran a user generated poll on our fan voting page to determine the best Custom Made Wilson Glove of 2015 in the MLB. In the largest ‘best looking glove’ poll known to man (7500+ votes) we finally have our results. With over 60 submissions from all positions, all gloves were customized by the players on the custom Wilson Glove Site.

By position, in the top 10 gloves, we found:

  • 1 Pitcher (G. Gonzales)
  • 1 Third Baseman (Frazier)
  • 1 Outfielder (Martinez)
  • 3 Short Stops (Andrus, Castro, M. Gonzales)
  • 4 Second Basemen (Altuve, Cano, Pedroia, Sogard)

Here are the top 10 designs as decided by you.

[su_heading margin=”10″]#10 Eric Sogard — Athletics

Eric Sogard -- Athletics

Eric Sogard’s middle infield glove (Amazon Price Check) from Wilson brings a classic look to the A’s dugout. Traditional dark leather with black fingering and black lace put this glove on the items you’d like to roll two with and then later bring to a cigar lounge. Smooth, classic and traditional Wilson undertones with a sophisticated charm. It’s hard to imagine there are 9 better looking gloves.

[su_heading margin=”10″]#9 Todd Frazier — Reds

Todd Frazier --- Reds

Todd Frazier’s glove at #9, after 7500+ votes, is a testament to the love the average baseball fan has for a glove that is supposed to look like a glove. His mitt has no frills, no fancy two or three tones with extra pop. It’s just a glove. A good old fashioned brown leather glove just like your grandfather used. In many regards we have deep respect for this reader’s choice pick. while not a JBR favorite, its #9 ranking is respected.[su_heading margin=”10″]#8 Gio Gonzales — Nationals

Gio Gonzales --- Nationals

At #8, Gio Gonzales is the ONLY pitcher in the top 10. Totally understandable as pitchers’ gloves are not allowed to have many frills. For example, they cannot be two or three toned, nor can they have a significant amount of grey or white in any part of the glove. As such, most pitcher gloves make Todd Frazier’s glove above look hot and bothered. But Gonzales, pitcher for the Nationals, took his allowable liberties to the next level with this tight webbed, sleek black glove, accented in red for a clean, dangerous, assassin’s finish.  (Amazon Price Check) [su_heading margin=”10″]#7 JD Martinez — Tigers

JD Martinez --- Tigers

JD Martinez’s glove brings a subdued yet undeniably fierce look to the Tiger’s outfield. The flashy blue Wilson logo complements the deep blue fingers and stark gray pocket and thumb for  a high end athletic finish. The glove, not surprisingly, spent some time at #1 on the list around the 2000 vote mark. As an outfielder’s glove it remains one of our favorites in the 2015 class and #7 is a legitimate finish. [su_heading margin=”10″]#6  Dustin Pedroia — Red Sox

Dustin Pedroia --- Red Sox

Red and gray stitching on a dark brown leather base, accented by black fingers? Why every glove doesn’t look like this is a mystery. Pedroia’s Wilson A2K (Amazon Price Check) has plenty of flash but just enough classic to preserve its lavish look. No other glove in this top 10 makes us wish we were rolling a double play quite like Boston’s second baseman. At a respectable #6 glove of the year, we’d still bump it higher. [su_heading margin=”10″]#5 Robinson Cano — Mariners

Robinson Cano --- Mariners

Another 2nd baseman glove finds itself in the top 10 and on the hand of the always swag Robinson Cano (Amazon Price Check). The Mariner-green webbing and wrist trim with a solid black background deliver an expensive looking glove with a lavish feel. The white lettering on the Wilson logo and A2000 are a perfect accent to land this glove at the top of every middle infielder’s birthday list.

[su_heading margin=”10″]#4 Jose Altuve — Astros

Jose Altuve

This is justbatreviews favorite styled glove in the MLB today. It’s helpful we are also enamored with the 2nd baseman who uses it: Jose Altuve. His glove spent several days at the top spot of the voting booth and it is not hard to tell why. Brilliant and flashy without being ostentatious; lots of glitz and glamour in the glove, while still evoking a workingman feel. It’s also an Astros glove if we’ve ever seen one. Altuve takes the Houston-orange highlighted middle-infield glove to a well deserved #4 in the best looking MLB gloves of 2015.  [su_heading margin=”10″]#3 Elvis Andrus — Rangers

Elvis Andrus --- RangersThe Elvis Andrus glove of 2015 is a tough one to beat. Wow factor plus classic in its own regards, it pays homage to the tanned glove of yesteryear while containing enough accents to stop the show. Red highlights on the black fingers with a combo red in the lacing might make a few less fortunate glove designs hide their heads in shame. Why this Ranger middle infielder didn’t go for a blue base instead of black is beyond us, but at #3 we are full of praise. [su_heading margin=”10″]#2 Starlin Castro — CubsStarlin Castro --- Cubs

A handsomer glove on the market cannot exist. Starlin Castro’s 2015 MLB custom glove from Wilson is an absolute beauty and the poppy black and blue accents look especially cool with his Cubs attire. This design respects the game and delivers a clean, serious wow factor, making this glove worthy of becoming a museum piece. We will be looking for one of these under the Christmas tree this year. [su_heading margin=”10″]#1 Marwin Gonzales — Astros

Marwin Gonzales

If this glove looks familiar that’s because Elvis Andrus’ glove above (#3) is a near replica. Yet the orange accents and lighter tan base on Marwin Gonzales‘ glove make this the User’s Choice Glove Award for 2015. We can’t say we disagree. It’s everything you’d ever want in a glove’s look—-a respectful vintage light tan leather brought to life by sizzling orange lacing and black accent fingers. This is an A2000 1786 from Wilson run through their custom site, producing a brazen yet not overconfident mitt. Gonzales’ glove pushes the boundaries of what all custom gloves could look like while staying true to what all baseball gloves should look like.