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Best BBCOR Bats 2024 (February Updates)

TLDR: If you want a no-questions-asked best BBCOR bat for February 2024, get the  Marucci CAT X Vanta. The CAT X suits contact and power hitters and includes sting-dampening tech. We also think the Easton Rope is a great new composite pick for 2024, as is the Voodoo One, Atlas, and, if you want to save a few on a great pick, the Marucci F5. Bigger hitters will like the Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid. We did not change this list from our January 2023 BBCOR picks.

We finished a significant portion of our data collection for 2024 BBCOR bats. We like the 2024 CAT X Vanta, Easton Rope, Marucci F5, and Warstic Bonesaber Hybrid. All 2024 bats are still at the required minimum pricing, so vendors are distributing them for the same price (or should be). As we ramp up in the season, below are our best picks and reasons for the class of 2024 BBCOR bats.

Quick Top 3

Updated February 8, 2024

With our new AI data collection process and BBCOR data collection completed, we’ve updated the 2024 February best BBCOR ratings. We updated the best BBCOR bat 2024 as the CAT X Vanta as it seems to be a good fit for all types of hitters, and this is undoubtedly the ball as hard as anything we could find. We like the Warstic Hybrid Bonesaber for more power hitters and the Easton Rope as our composite pick. That said, dozens of excellent BBCOR bats for 2022, 2023, and 2024 are widely available at reasonable prices.

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Best BBCOR Bats 2024 (February Updates) Write Ups

What is the Right Bat Size

The best-kept secret in the industry is that the best BBCOR bat is actually the right size bat. BBCOR standards have leveled the playing field such that barrel performance is eerily similar across every brand, model, and make. The best way to improve your exit velocity is to dial in the right swing weight. See our Bat Size Chart. If you are still not sure about the right bat size, check out our advice column.

Bat Rumors

So many rumors right now becuase so many bats are about to drop in the next 3 months. Expect the Marucci Vanta as well as DeMarini’s full crop of 2024 bats save the Voodoo One (which alreayd dropped). Rawlings and Easton should be dropping a lot too. Stay tuned.

BBCOR Research (Swing Weights, Barrel Sizes)

2024 Barrel Sizes

We slide a plastic ring under 2 5/8 of an inch down the barrel. When it stops, we measure the differences between the end of the barrel and the ring. This gives us the ‘barrel size.’ In some cases, like the F5 and the Pro 44 Alloy, the ring slides off, so the barrel size is zero, as measured in this way.

2024 Swing Weights

While in 2020, they represented the middle 3rd, the Voodoo One and The Goods now represent almost the entire breadth of the swing weights range in BBCOR.

What’s happening?

Bat companies chasing the market are coalescing around the swing type found in the market leaders such that there’s even LESS difference in bats than there was just a few short years ago.

We think swing weight is the most significant functional difference you can measure in a bat. But as 2024 BBCOR bat companies coalesce around where the market is buying, swing weight becomes less and less of a distinguishing feature.

NOTE: Look how close each bat is. A bat like the Bonesaber Hybrid is within a 5% margin rate (about what manufacture tolerance might be) compared to the lightest swinging BBCOR.  That is to say, it’s possible you could pick up a Bonesaber Hybrid at the store that could have a swing weight like some of the lightest bats out there.


2024 BBCOR Swing Weights Measured at 6-inches from the Knob by Bat Digest
Model Swing Weight
Tank 9981.7
The Goods 9800.8
Bonesaber Hybrid 9643.6
Warhawk 9610.4
The Goods One 9593.6
Avenge Pro Hybrid 9484.2
ICON 9428.3
Atlas 9418.5
ROPE 9417.0
F5 9368.5
Bonesaber 9323.7
MAV1 9292.3
CAT X Connect 9279.0
Meta 9265.9
Strato 9242.1
CAT X Vanta Composite 9228.6
MACH AI 9082.0
Lev3 Vandal 9073.5
Voodoo One 8985.0
CAT X Vanta 8919.8

2023 BBCOR Swing Weights

See the 2023 BBCOR bat reviews here.

We update those consistently, and as we see new BBCOR bats get approved.

We measure every swing weight below in our lab. We calculate the actual swing weight as the industry tests and standards do. We take the balance point between two scales, the pendulum period, on a laser timer and measure the pivot point with accurate measurements.

We’ve seen a few lists that put together the swing weight, and, to be frank, they’re wrong. These people are, ultimately, guessing based on marketing writeups.

We have the exact swing weights, which are it, in order of heaviest to lightest.

  1. Victus Nox
  2. Easton Encore
  3. Easton Alpha
  4. Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid
  5. Slugger Select PWR
  6. DeMarini The Goods (2022)
  7. Easton Hype Comp
  8. Rawlings ICON
  9. Slugger Atlas
  10. Slugger META
  11. Marucci CAT X Connect
  12. Warstic Bonesaber
  13. Axe Strato
  14. Marucci CAT X Composite
  15. DeMarini Voodoo One
  16. Slugger META
  17. Marucci CAT X

2023 BBCOR Barrel Sizes

We measured the distance from the end cap to the part of the bat where it begins to taper below its 2 5/8 maximum diameter. The longer the measurement, the more significant the barrel.

How important is this metric? We can’t believe it is that significant, but we’d want a bat with a bigger barrel if all things were equal. In any case, we measured it, so here is the data.

For 2023 bats, we found a considerable range. From biggest to smallest:

  1. Rawlings ICON
  2. Marucci CAT X Composite
  3. Easton Hype Comp
  4. Easton Encore
  5. DeMarini The Goods (2022)
  6. Easton Alpha
  7. Axe Strato
  8. True HZRDUS
  9. Slugger META
  10. Slugger Select PWR
  11. Victus Nox
  12. Slugger Atlas
  13. Warstic Bonesaber
  14. Voodoo One
  15. CAT X Connect
  16. CAT X
  17. Avenge Pro Hybrid

2020 BBCOR Swing Weights

BBCOR Swing Weights

We also measured all the swing weights of the 2020 BBCOR bat class. We measure these bats individually and learned that many of the same models have a manufacturing tolerance of their weight distribution. Not all bats have the same make, model, and weight. In other words, your results may vary, but these are the swing weights (+/- 3%) of the bats we worked with to get our ratings.

You can read more about swing weights here.

2020 BBCOR Barrel Sizes

We also measured the length of the max barrel size on each BBCOR bat. The vast majority are very close to each other. The winner is the Easton Maxum, followed real closely by Easton’s ADV 360, Axe’s Avenge, DeMarini’s CF, Slugger’s Meta, Marucci’s Cat, and the Victus Vandal.

Here’s an image showing the best BBCOR bat barrel sizes.

BBCOR Questions

Can I use a BBCOR bat for other types of baseball or softball?

Yes, generally, for USA and USSSA baseball, although local leagues may have their own rule.

For softball, the answer is likely no unless the rules are very lax.

It would be best if you asked the league directly what they allow. Generally, if you don’t know, assume that BBCOR bats are only good for high school and college-level baseball.

What is the difference between a one-piece and a two-piece BBCOR bat?

We talk about the differences between one and two-piece bats here.

In short, two-piece bats are made from two pieces (barrel and handle), while the one piece is a single material. This, of course, excludes things like the end cap and grip.

Are BBCOR bats more expensive than other types of bats?

Usually, yes. The reason? Probably because people will pay for it. BBCOR players tend to be more severe as this is high school and college baseball; therefore, they’re more willing to spend more of their resources (including money) on their equipment. The bats don’t cost much more than little league bats to produce, but their price is a function of supply and demand.

How do I choose the right BBCOR bat for me?

The best way to find the right BBCOR bat for you is to find opportunities to swing them. If you have a local sporting goods store that lets you hit, that’s great! If not, maybe some of your friends and teammates have bats that you can borrow.

In the worst case, you can search used markets for really cheap older versions of bats and get them to see if you like them. If you do, and you want the new one, you can usually sell the used one for about what you paid and then buy a new one of that version.

What is the right swing weight?

Generally, you want a bat that maximizes your ability to square up the ball with the most power possible. The correct answer for you, then, is individualized. A hitter’s right swing weight depends on their skill level and preferences. Some hitters like short bats with an end-load to long bats with a light swing.

Yes, BBCOR bats are legal for the United States for high school and college baseball. In the US, high school and college baseball leagues require BBCOR-certified bats, which meet specific performance standards established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

What Are BBCOR Bats Made Of?

BBCOR bats are typically made from aluminum (aka alloy), wood, or composite materials. They have a maximum length of 36 inches and a maximum diameter of 2.625 (2 5/8) inches. They also have a maximum stated weight-to-length ratio of -3, meaning the bat cannot be more than 3 ounces lighter than its length in inches (for example, a 31-inch bat must weigh at least 28 ounces).

When Did BBCOR come, and Why?

The BBCOR standard was introduced in 2011 as a response to concerns about the performance of non-wood bats, particularly in high school and college baseball. The standard is intended to make the performance of non-wood bats more similar to that of wood bats, which have a lower trampoline effect.

What is a BBCOR Bat?

BBCOR stands for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution.” A BBCOR bat is a type of baseball bat approved for use in high school and college baseball in the United States and other organizations that follow these rules. BBCOR bats are designed to have a lower “trampoline effect” than different types of baseball bats, meaning that the ball will not travel as far off the bat when hit.

How We Decide

At Bat Digest, we make it a point to deliver genuine reviews from real players. A significant piece of the baseball bat market is the BBCOR space, and as such, we have used every performance ($150+) BBCOR bat since 2017 for testing in some fashion or another. Most of that work comes between three to four different hitters, but often, we gather feedback from far outside that circle, too.

Qualitative Measures (What We Measure)

Over the years, much of the data we capture has been qualitative. That is, it responds to the quality of the product in terms of feel, aesthetics, and personal feedback. They serve as a basis for our impressions of the bat. Qualitative data is less objective and, therefore, more complex to transfer value from one player to another.

Quantitative Measures (What We Feel)

We also use several quantitative measurements to get a feel for the best BBCOR bats. Our exit speed testing, barrel testing, swing weight, and compression testing influence our rankings considerably. We also use aggregated feedback from some rating sites like Amazon and justbats.com to get a feel for what people may or may not be saying about the bat.

Granted, many of those reviews are challenging to verify, and the sellers may scrub them only to portray a positive outlook.

Are Our Rankings Correct?

Our funny way to answer whether we are right is simply saying no, we are probably not correct. Our recommendations may not be suitable for everyone.

Our defense is that our rankings are the objective effort in finding the 2023 BBCOR bat players we would be the happiest with on average.

Does that mean everyone will appreciate the feel, pop, and balance? Of course not. But our best guess—which we believe is more educated than anyone in the market—is without industry or vendor bias.