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The Best Marucci Bat – 2023 Options

The best Marucci BBCOR bat is the 2023 Marucci CAT X. It comes in all the leagues, has a wide range of sizes, prices out well compared to other top-end Marucci bats, and get great reviews. in USSSA we love the CAT X Connect, USA we vote the F5. We also really like the DMND in fastpitch which is our favorite drop 12. If you want a composite BBCOR then the CAT X Composite is an easy win.

Marucci has long ranked high on our best bats pages. We are huge fans of the 2023 CAT X line, and in BBCOR we’d recommend that to almost everyone. It’s a light swing, has a good barrel, a reasonable price, on an excellent feel for a single piece too. In USSSA, we like the CAT X Composite a lot, and in USA we recommend the F5 to just about anyone who asks. Marucci makes great stuff, and, unless you’re looking for a fastpitch bat, you can’t go wrong. The fastpitch market is growing, and we have no doubt they’ll get there. Pick their high-end bat in BBCOR, USSSA, or USA for now, and you’ll do well. And, if you want to save a few bucks, then the F5 is the win of all wins.

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Updated February 8, 2024

We updated this in the fall of 2023.

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Marucci is a serious contender for the best bat line in the business, with top bats like the CAT X. Choosing the best Marucci CAT bat is tough, but we recommend the CAT X for its light swing and huge barrel. The CAT X Composite is the king of USSSA bats, while the Professional Model lines offer the best wood bats. For youth, the Marucci CAT USA drop 11 is the only option, and it’s a good one. The two-piece DMND is the best fastpitch bat from Marucci.