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Best Easton Bats

The Best Easton Ghost Fastpitch bat is the Advanced. Easton also does a great job in USSSA and USA; their reset with the Rawlings acquisition has appeared to really pay off. The Hype and the ADV 360 in USSSA and USA, respectively, have been game changers, and they aren’t just EAston’s best bats but some of the best bats out there. In BBCOR they struggle, but we think the Easton Maxum is their best BBCOR, and though it gets very little love it’s a great bat.

We think Easton’s best bat is the Easton Hype Fire in USSSA and the Easton Ghost Advanced in fastpitch. Both bats are considered ‘hot’. We will see if the Hype stays legal, as it clearly is a hot stick. But, to be sure, we’re talking about one or two mph on the best hits. In any case, we like the bat and think it can hit the crack out of the ball. In the USA the Easton ADV 360 is a great pick and one of the best in that league. BBCOR bats we like the Easton Maxum.

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Updated February 8, 2024
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Best Easton Bat

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We consider the Easton 360/Hype as the best bats Easton Bat. It’s made considerable progress on the BBCOR front, has some legitimate options in USSSA, and is likely the best in the USA. In truth, though, the Easton Ghost in Fastpitch is their ‘best’ bat.

Best Easton Ghost Bat

The Easton Ghost has been dominant in the fastpitch space since its arrival. Despite reasonable durability concerns, it is far and away the most popular bat out there in Fastpitch. As per the ‘best’ Easton Ghost, we think the 2020 version is pretty great—not because it is any more durable than the others but because, as of at least this writing, you can find it for the best deal. Will the bat break? Yes. But before that happens, it will be the best 500 swings you’ve ever put on a ball.


This article concisely reviews the best Easton bat models across different categories. It highlights the Easton 360/Hype as a top choice for BBCOR and USSSA, while the Easton Ghost stands out in Fastpitch. The ALX is recommended for stronger hitters in BBCOR, and the Hype Comp performs well in USSSA. The Drop 10 Easton 360 is regarded as the best youth bat, and the 2020 Easton Ghost is highly recommended in Fastpitch. This review offers valuable insights for players seeking top-performing Easton bats in their respective leagues.