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Best DeMarini Bats [2023]

DeMarini’s best fastpitch is the Prism, USSSA is the CF (not the ZOA), BBCOR is The Goods, and of all time is the 2017 CF Zen in a drop 5.

DeMarini has dominated the game in recent years, the Voodoo One and the Goods have done ridiculously well. Although they’ve lost their step a bit in USSSA as bats like the Hype have overtook the CF in part, we think, because they lost focus on the ZOA.

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Updated February 8, 2024

We think DeMarini’s best bat overall is their 2022 The Goods. The bat is an excellent stick with a heavier balance but a great feel and awesome performance. The CF in USSSA is also fantastic and it appears they’ve really fixed their durability issues over the years. The Prism is an excellent pick in fastpitch and we generally like it better than the Whisper. In USA their best bat is the Hybrid Goods. All in all, DeMarini makes a legit option in every league you can imagine and, in the vast majority of cases, you can find the perfect bat in the DeMarini brand alone.

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DeMarini dominates the baseball and fastpitch bat market, offering top models like the Voodoo One, The Goods, and CF. The CF remains king at the USSSA level, while the CAT X Composite gains ground. In fastpitch, the CF performs exceptionally well. With options for various leagues, the DeMarini CF is a great starting point for any player.