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Best Bats Under $100

Best Bat Under 100

We find the best bats under $100 here.

If you are looking for a non-wood bat, then the best place to buy the best bat under $100 is on eBay. We know that might sound frustrating, but the truth is that most performance bats under $100 aren’t very attractive, and most, if not every single one, are made in the same factory overseas, sold in bulk to manufacturers here who put their own sticker. If you want a new bat under $100 then the truth is you are going to get what you get.

All that said, we do have some recommendations under $100 (or really close to it) in our list below. At the time of this writing, you can get a steal of the 2021 Rawlings VELO for under $100 at Closeoutbats Amazon link. You have to follow that link for the promo code to work.  Other than that, we think the Marucci F5, as a shining example, is a great bat that you can often find for less than $100 in all types of leagues as you’ll see below. We are also fans of the Brett Bros Maple in the composite wood world and the Slugger Quest if you want a brand new fastpitch bat for under $100.

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Updated February 8, 2024

This article was updated with a new wood and BBCOR selection in July of 2022.

Best Bats Under $100 Write Ups

What is the Right Bat Size

A Guide to Bat Size ChartsAs always, especially if you’re going that used route, do not buy the right bat in the wrong size. Instead, choose the right size over EVERYTHING else. If a kid can’t swing the bat because it isn’t the right size, then it’s not worth buying. See our bat size chart to get started.

How We Decided

With the exception of the USA bat space, $100 bats are plentiful. Even during the season, when few bat deals go down, you can find a number of in-wrapper bats new from the factory by certified vendors. These bats are often not considered high performance or top shelf as they lack the barrel size and max performance factors along the length of the bat. However, plenty of players do just fine with these bats. They also serve well as backups.

With $100 dollars in your pocket, you can make some wise decisions in terms of the best bat to buy. If you have the time, check the used market. If you need something now, with a warranty and a new wrapper, then the above are our best bets.

Buying Used?

During the months with lower bat demand (like October), $100 can go a long way on eBay to getting almost any older bat you want. Granted, the bat likely has no warranty and will take a while to get to you. But, if you have the luxury of being patient, check out our guide to buying used bats and our what to buy when article.