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Best Balanced Bats in Baseball and Fastpitch

We put together some of the best light-swinging bats in the industry in this best-balanced bat list. In short, we like the Easton HYPE as the best USSSA drop 10 balanced bats, the CAT X from Marucci in BBCOR, and the PRISM from DeMarini in Fastpitch for your best-balanced bats.

Balanced bats have become an overused word in the industry, so it is hard to tell exactly what someone is looking for when they say the best ‘balanced’ bats. We think a ‘balanced’ bat is NOT an ultra-light swinging bat but, instead, something towards a light but most certainly not a heavy swing. Balanced is the sweet spot where most players can find utility in the bat of that swing weight. That said, we really like Easotn s2024 Hype Fire in a 2024 USSSA Drop 10, Marucci’s CAT X in BBCOR, DeMarin’s Prism for Fastpitch, and Easton’s ADV 360 in USA as our favorite balanced bats picked. If you want to dive in, try our AI bat picker to get a computer’s guess on your best bat.

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Updated February 8, 2024

This article is our curated list of the best lightest swinging bats from each of our lists. You can see our full runs in our best BBCOR, best USSSA, best USA, and best fastpitch bat articles.

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Best Balanced Bats in Baseball and Fastpitch Write Ups

What is the Right Bat Size

As always, getting the right size bat is the most important part of all of this. A light swing isn’t for everyone, but it can be for you and your hitter. There is no other way to know but by trial and error.

What is a Balanced Bat?

We measure swing weights here. That conversation might be helpful for you.

Most consider a balanced bat to be the opposite of an end-loaded bat. An endloaded bat is one in which the bat’s weight is focused more towards the end cap, and therefore the bat swings heavier. A balanced bat is a bat where the weight is distributed closer to the knob. This shift in balance point makes the bat easier to swing.

Some consider a balanced bat between an end-loaded bat and a speed or hand-loaded bat. A speed or hand-loaded bat is where the bat’s weight is focused toward the knob, and a balanced bat is simply in between the end-loaded and speed loaded.

Lots of Options

Before we get too carried away, make no mistake that dozens of other legitimate balanced bats are on the market. Each is worth your consideration before you pull the trigger.

We also suggest you consider more than the swing weight of a bat before pulling the trigger. Among those other factors, and maybe mostly so, we would look at a two-piece or one-piece construction. That distinction makes the most difference in bat feel. Also, before swing weight, we would consider the barrel’s material. Do you prefer composite or aluminum on the barrel?