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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

The Best 32 Inch Baseball Bat | 32/29, 32/27, 32/34, 32/22, 32/20

The Best 32 Inch Baseball Bat | 32/29, 32/27, 32/34, 32/22, 32/20

July 3, 2020 | by Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

Trying to find the best 32-inch baseball bat? A lot of league models come in a 32-inch, but we cover every category below. In short, our favorite BBCOR 32/27 could be the 32/29 618 Solo, in a drop 5 USSSA we’ll take the CF Zen, drop 8 then the Marucci CAT 8, drop 10 how about the Easton Ghost X, in a drop 12 then the VELO for sure. The best 32-inch USA Bat is the CF Zen–although we are not sure the price makes it worth it.

Best 32 inch Bat

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Best 32 Inch Baseball Bat

Category Brand Model Review Size Rating Price
BBCOR Louisville Slugger 618 Solo 32/29 5/5 $$$
Wood Marucci CU26 32/29 5/5 $$
USA Bat DeMarini CF Zen 32/20 5/5 $$$$
Drop 5 DeMarini 2019 CF Zen 32/27 5/5 $$$
Drop 8 DeMarini CAT 8 32/24 5/5 $$$$
Drop 10 Easton Ghost X 32/22 5/5 $$$$
Drop 12 Rawlings VELO 32/20 5/5 $$$

Best 32/39 Bat: Louisville Slugger 618 Solo


Best 32 inch bat

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We cover our best BBCOR High School bats in an extensive article.  Our answer for a 32 inch bat does not change. In fact, the 32 inch is the sweet spot for BBCOR bats. In that article, like here, the 2018 BBCOR 618 SOLO from Louisville Slugger is our favorite 32 inch BBCOR bat.

We love the single piece feel but the ultra light swing. It is helpful, too, the bat has a more reasonable price point then some of the so called top shelf bats. We like the stiff feel, extended composite endcap and the custom Lizard Skin Grip.

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Best 32 32 Inch Wood Bat

Best 32 inch bat

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Like with the BBCOR market, we see no reason to change our favorite wood bat in the 32 inch space. As we write in our best wood bats article, the AP5 or CU26 from Marucci stand as our favorites. In the 32 inch in particular, we would likely lean toward the CU26 as it a bit more of a hitters bat instead of the distance focused 33 inch. But, we are splitting hairs. Marucci’s stuff dominates the market and delivers pro-quality stuff for a somewhat reasonable price.

See our Best Wood Bats.

Best 32/22 Inch USA Bats

Best 32 inch bat

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In USA Bat, we love a number  of 32-inch drop 10s. But, true to form, we think the Demarini CF Zen is you best bat. Is it worth the price? We discuss that more on our Best USA Bats and Best Youth Baseball bats page where you can find the links to below.

Best USA Bats
Best Youth Baseball Bats

Best 32/27 Drop 5 Bat

Best 32 inch bat

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The best drop 5 USSSA big barrel 32/27 inch bat on the market today is the CF Zen. If you can find the 2017 version (the green/white one) then go that direction if it doesn’t cost a fortue. Otherwise, the 2019 version is worth every penny. And it is a lot of pennies.

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Best 32/24 Drop 8 Bat

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We discuss our favorite drop 8 baseball bats in an article dedicated to the weight and length ratio. But hard to ever pass up on the value and performance Marucci’s CAT 8. This is an upgraded version from the CAT 7 (which was also fantastic).

Of course there are some very legit options in this particular space—starting with the Easton MAKO Ghost X and CF Zen. But, if made us choose, we’d go with the CAT 8.

See our best drop 8 bats.

Best 32/22 Drop 10 Bat

Best 32 inch bat

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No space in the 32 inch lengths of bats is more competitive than the 22 ounce drop 10. Everyone makes one of these drop sizes and a 32 is likely the second most popular (behind the 30/20). While there are more than a few options that will likely fill your needs, we would recommend the 32/22 2019 CF Zen or Easton Ghost X for most hitters.

If budget is not a serious concern and you prefer a real balanced feel in a two piece composite, then we feel confident you would fall in love with this bat.

See our best Drop 10 Bats.

Best 32/20 Drop 12 Bat

Best 32 inch Bat

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A drop 12 32 inch bat is a bit of a conundrum. The reason is simple enough. Drop 12’s are usually needed by players who are struggling for as much bat speed and control as they can muster. Shorter bats also tend to solve that problem as much as drop 12 bats do. As such, it is odd to put an extra long 32 inch bat on a drop 12. It is a bit like mixing oil and water.

To each his own, though. And, if we were forced into this bucket, we think the 2018 VELO would do well. This is actually a two piece composite bat—although most associated the Rawlings VELO with an alumnium. (It is in the other sizes). But this drop 12 is a beauty.

It is an ultra light swing with great user reviews. The 32 inch should serve your purposes well.

See our Best Drop 12 bats.

Best 32 Inch Baseball Bat Sources

We cite a number of articles in this best 32-inch baseball bat article. You can find each of those on our bat reviews page. We also mention a number of best baseball bats lists. There we have compiled those, and explained our research and decisions.

Off this site we always find the user reviews on each bat via Amazon fun, if not often useless. But, occasionally, we will find a legit option.

Are These Bats Really the Best 32 Inch Bats?

In some sense of the term, the bats on this list are, in fact, the best. We would argue they are the best bats in terms of performance, durability and price point for the largest percentage of players.

Are there other bats that are the best for a particular player? Of course. Not all hitters’ needs and budgets are the same. As we often say, the best bat for some is not necessarily the best bat for all.

With that disclaimer out of the way, we do think this list of 32-inch bats are the best in baseball.


Anonymous says:

The 32/24 CAT 8 doesn’t exist yet

Brian says:

It will be available to the public the first part of July. In the mean time, check out the CAT 7 in a drop 8.

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