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BBCOR Bat Reviews

We’ve hit every available BBCOR bat from 2023 through 2016. Individual reviews are below. You can also find what we think are the best 2023 BBCOR bats here.
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Bats denoted with an asterisks(*) are “Reviews in Progress.” See the
definition of the ratings here. Click column headers to

Commonly Asked Best BBCOR Questions​

Now that you have narrowed down the best choices for your 2017 BBCOR bat, you
may have some questions. There are several we have fielded and think this might
be a good place to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about BBCOR

What is a BBCOR Bat?

BBCOR bats are drop 3 bats used in regulation play for collegiate and high
school baseball players. The rules enforcing BBCOR standards have been in
place from around 2012. Previous to this standard BESR bats ruled the day
but, today, those are illegal in most leagues.

Are BBCOR Bats Legal in 2020?

Yes, since 2014 BBCOR bats have been the standard for high school and
collegiate play. There is not even a rumor that BBCOR bats standards
will change anytime soon. New USA Bat standards will not affect BBCOR

Can BBCOR bats be legally rolled or shaved?

Most agree that rolling a BBCOR bat is illegal. Everyone agrees that
shaving a BBCOR bat is illegal. We discuss the concepts of shaving and
rolling bats here. In short, we never recommend it for a host of
reasons. Not the least of which is the bat’s durability and it is flat

Can BBCOR bats be used in little league?

It depends on the league within Little League. Major division and below
requires USA Bats. Intermediate (50/70) and Junior League Baseball
divisions can use either BBCOR or USA. Senior League Baseball must use
the BBCOR standard. Some other leagues for youth players that are
requiring USA bats are also allowing BBCOR bats. But, you’ll need to
check with the local league to see their policy.

Can BBCOR bats be used in USSSA?

Some 13U and 14U USSSA leagues may allow BBCOR bats. But, you’ll need to
check with that specific league. Although BBCOR bats have less pop than
USSSA baseball bats the younger leagues are still required to swing a
USSSA and not a BBCOR bat. We are not sure why anyone would want to do
this anyways.

Do BBCOR bats need to be broken in?

If the bats have a composite barrel then they need to be broken in. If
they have an aluminum barrel then they do not need to be broken in.

Do BBCOR bats lose pop?

Yes. Both composite and aluminum barreled BBCOR bats lose their pop over
time. There is some argument as to when this begins. Some aluminum bats
can hold their pop for years and years and thousands of hits. Some
composite barrelled BBCOR bats appear to keep getting hotter and hotter
over the years. But, in terms of pure physics, aluminum begins to break
down with micro dents and composite BBCOR bats are designed to never
cross a certain line of performance without breaking.

Do BBCOR bats have less pop?

In the long run, we all go dead. BBCOR bats too. Good ones can last
several years and several thousand hits. Sometimes micro dents on
aluminum barrels can affect performance in a noticeable way. It would be
unlikely for this occur with a performance BBCOR aluminum barrelled bat
within the first few thousand hits. Composite BBCOR bats tend to crack
and break when they officially lose their pop.

Are BBCOR bats composite or aluminum?

Some BBCOR bats are made of composite parts while others are aluminum.
There are three types of composite BBCOR Bats, roughly: Some have a
handle that is composite and the barrel aluminum (these are called
hybrids). Others are made of a two pieces that are both composite.
(These are called two piece composites) A few are made of a single piece
of composite. (These are called single piece composites.

Do BBCOR bats have less pop?

BBCOR bats have less pop than softball bats and USSSA baseball bats.
But, they have the same amount of pop as a USA Bat. BBCOR bats are
designed to perform like wood bats but, as we note many times on this
site, the length of the sweet spot and barrel size can be dramatically
enhanced with a composite bat even if the peak performance is equal to

Are BBCOR bats legal for pony league?

Yes. Colt 16U and Palomino 18U Pony League players are required to use
BBCOR Bats. Other PONY leagues can use BBCOR bats as well as the new USA
Bat standard.

Are BBCOR bats legal for high school?

Yes. BBCOR bats are legal and required for high school (NFHS). No other
bats are allowed in high school play. Single piece wood bats are
considered BBCOR bats.

Are BBCOR bats legal for Babe Ruth?

It depends on the Babe Ruth League. 13U and 15U Babe Ruth leagues can
use either Babe Ruth or USA Bats. Under 13U leagues cannot use BBCOR and
must use the new USA Bat.

Are BBCOR bats better than wood?

Generally, yes. They might not have a maximum trampoline greater than
wood, but the controlled swing weight and larger barrel size make them
preferable to wood bats. In other words, wood bats are more difficult to
hit well than a good BBCOR bat.

Are all BBCOR bats drop 3?

Yes. All BBCOR bats are drop 3. It is a requirement of the BBCOR test
that they weigh no less than 3 ounces less than the bat is long
(measured in inches).

Are all BBCOR bats the same?

Absolutely not. We spend a considerable amount of time hitting with
BBCOR bats, and have for several years, different BBCOR bats feel much

When are BBCOR bats required?

Leagues differ, but most start around the age of 13 or 14 and run
through college baseball. Although, some college divisions don’t allow
BBCOR bats, only wood.

Are all wood bats BBCOR?

Yes. All single piece wood bats are considered BBCOR. Do note, several
composite wood bats are made of multiple pieces and are only BBCOR if
they are stamped as such.

Where to buy BBCOR bats?

BBCOR bats can be bought just about anywhere baseball bats are for sale.
There are a lot of one vendort and the vast majority of serious sporting
good stores will have a baseball sections with BBCOR bats

What BBCOR bats are illegal?

A few BBCOR bats in the last few years have been banned. When the
standard first came out there were a few. We wrote about a an article
discussing illegal BBCOR bats here.

What BBCOR bats are colleges using?

Colleges use different types of BBCOR bats. However, they are almost
always the name brand bats. Many companies have deals with serious
baseball schools and pay them sponsorship dollars to use their bats. As
a general rule, expect the most recent Easton, Rawlings, Louisville
Slugger and DeMarini BBCOR bats to be used at most colleges.

What BBCOR bat has the biggest sweet spot?

Barrel size and sweet spot size are not one and the same. But, they are
likely correlated. We measured the barrel sizes of most BBCOR bats.

How long do BBCOR bats last?

It really depends on the type of bat. Some break early. Those are
usually composites. Some last a generation (or so it seems). As a
general rule, expect to get at least a really good season out of your
BBCOR bat. Likely two or even three. Which BBCOR bat is the most
balanced? We measured the swing weight for every BBCOR bat. When we saw
most balanced it likely means the lightest swinging bat for its size. It
depends on the length you are looking for. We talk about the a the most
balanced BBCOR baseball bats.

What does BBCOR bats stand for?

Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution

What is the Difference Between 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 BBCOR Bats?

The short answer is not much. If anything, the 2017 market has seen a
surge of single piece hybrid bats. They give the stiff feel of an
aluminum bat but lower the swing weight by using an extended composite
end cap. Both the 617 Solo and Axe Hyperwhip, that made the best BBCOR
2017 list above, are single piece hybrid bats. And, both bats, are also
new for 2017.

What BBCOR bat has the most pop?

Almost every BBCOR bat on the market meets the .50 BBCOR standard
somewhere along the barrel. But, better bats tend to have a longer sweet
spot along the length of the barrel and others, still, meet the standard
at different pitch speeds. As a general rule, more expensive bats tend
to do better at mulitple pitch speeds and longer across the length of
the barrel. If we accept that rule, then bats like the 917 Prime, CF
Zen, Rawlings Quatro and Easton Beast have the best pop. But these are,
at best, debatable claims.

What are BBCOR bats made out of?

There are two types of material BBCOR bats are produced from. Composite
is a type of plastic that performance bats often use. Aluminum alloy is
a type of metal some other bats implement. Some bats use a combination
of Composite and Aluminum and are referred to as Hybrid bats.

What is a Drop 3 baseball bat?

The drop of a baseball bat is the numerical difference between the
length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces. A drop
3 bat, as one example, can be of 33 inches and weigh 30 ounces. All
BBCOR bats are drop 3 bats. As such, the best 2017 BBCOR bats are also
the best drop 3 bats.

What is a BESR certified bat?

BESR is the bat standard that existed before BBCOR. It stood for Ball
Exit Speed Ratio. It did not determine the exit speed of bats after they
have been worked in and was therefore eventually scrapped for the
current BBCOR standard.



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