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Hitting at Bat Digest


460 N Redwood Rd. Ste C.
North Salt Lake, UT

$35 for a 55-minute hitting session

$50 for a 55-minute hitting session with instruction

By Appointment Only

With baseball and softball seasons starting for our attendants, we have shifted to scheduling appointments through text.

Text Maegan at 801-510-6726 to schedule your hitting or hitting with instruction appointment.

If you are hoping to schedule days or weeks in advance, we will only schedule times we expect to be available, but be aware the appointment will be subject to attendant availability the day of. We appreciate your flexibility!

Generally Available Times (now dependent on Bountiful high baseball and softball schedules)

    • M-Th 6-9 pm
    • Sat 9 am-4 pm
    • Closed Fridays and Sundays
    • Holiday schedules vary – some day time available during days when there is no school


What You Get

  • While we sometimes have a lot of bats to try out during your session, our inventory is currently low/sold out. We will add more as we get it, but don’t plan on seeing new bats when you are here.
  • $35 for a regular hitting session; $50 for a hitting session with instruction.
  • Hit Trax Measured Exit Speeds and Bat Comparisons
  • HomeRun Derby? Simulated Game? Yes, yes, yes. Whatever you want to do for your 50 minutes, we will accommodate.
  • Up to Four Hitters at a time*
  • Pitching Machine that throws up to faster than you can hit. 🙂
  • If you want some BP pitches, bring someone who can throw strikes.

General Rules

  • Max capacity is four hitters and two adults (non-hitters).
  • All non-hitters must be over 16 (i.e., don’t bring your other younger children, please, and thank you).
  • Help clean up the balls when you finish (and during if you get through the hopper of 400).
  • Parents/Coaches attending are welcome to take some hacks. Show those kids how it’s done and how easy it is. 🙂


    • If your hitters are under 12, four hitters work fine, but three are likely ideal. This maximizes the amount of time in the cage due to fatigue.
    • Most older kids want and can handle more time in the cage. If your hitters are over 12-ish, bringing 3 or 2 is ideal.
    • You can also bring a single hitter too and get to work. But, most bring at least one friend, as swinging a bat for 50 minutes is a lot.
    • There is a range, but you could get in close to 500 swings in your hour of work (especially if you clean up the balls fast).

Hitting Instructions/Lessons

  • For the 2023 spring season, we offer the option of hitting instruction sessions. The instructor, a high school varsity baseball player with ten years of experience, can manage and instruct your hitting session if you select that option in the scheduler. The cost is an additional $15 per session, so $50 total for a hitting instruction session. It’s better to limit the number of hitters to 2, but you do you.

Please Note

The individuals who run the cage are minors. We do not recommend leaving your child there unattended for no other reason than you are responsible for their safety, as you will see in the waiver you sign before you come.

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