Updated: February 8, 2024

BBCOR Swing Weights | Lightest & Heaviest BBCOR

Through extensive analysis of thousands of exit speeds, we’ve identified swing weight as the primary determinant in predicting exit speeds. It’s essential to clarify that while swing weight is a fundamental attribute of the bat, it isn’t the sole factor in a batter’s performance. Aspects such as bat speed, mechanics, and other elements within the hitter’s control play a pivotal role. However, when considering the bat’s contribution to performance, swing weight precedes barrel performance in influencing and elevating exit speeds.

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BBCOR Swing Weights 2024

These are the 33-inch BBCOR bats.

A bat size chart is also an excellent place to start. But remember, the stated weight of a bat is not the same as its swing weight. Bats with the same scale weight can be upwards of 10% different in feel.

It’s also worth noting that a bat’s listed weight doesn’t equate to its swing weight. Bats that are identical in scale weight can feel up to 10% different due to this distinction.

The endeavor to measure swing weights is extensive and costly. Acquiring the bats is just the start; we then meticulously determine the balance point, scale weight, and the bat’s pendulum period. The formula used to calculate swing weight is far from simple.

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Insights Gained from Swing Weights

  • The Lightest BBCOR Bat: For those seeking the lightest BBCOR bat, understanding swing weight is crucial. Our frequently updated data will guide you to the lightest (and heaviest) swinging BBCOR bats.
  • Comparison of Similar Swinging Bats: The real benefit of knowing the swing weights of various BBCOR bats lies in the ability to compare different brands, models, and years. If you find a particular bat’s weight unsuitable, our aggregated data will help you find a bat with the perfect feel.

On Precision and Margin of Error

While we stand by the reliability of our swing weight measurements, we acknowledge they are not flawless. We estimate a reasonable margin of error to be within 2-3% in either direction. To the player, a deviation of a couple of percentage points is typically imperceptible. Even a 4% variation in swing weight is likely to go unnoticed.