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BBCOR Swing Weights | Lightest & Heaviest BBCOR

Updated December 3, 2020

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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After measuring thousands of exit speeds, we’ve found swing weight as the most important factor in predicted exit speeds. To be sure, swing weight is the most important feature of the bat, but not of the swing. Bat speed, mechanics, and other things that are hitter controlled are more important than the bat. In terms of what the bat can control the swing weight, not barrel performance, is the single most important factor in predicting and improving exit speeds.

A bat size chart is also a good place to start. But, remember, the stated weight of a bat is not the same as its swing weight. Bats with the same scale weight can be upwards of 10% different in feel.

Get the BBCOR Swing Weights We Only Send Our Email Subscribers

Measuring swing weights is a colossal and expensive task. To measure the bats, we need to own them. It also takes time to find the balance point, scale weight, and pendulum period of the bat. As well, the formula for measuring swing is not uncomplicated.

We share our swing weights with our email subscribers. These include all the swing weights from every year and every league. Once subscribed, you’re given access to a page with all the swing weights and is updated every 60 days or so.

What You Can Tell With Swing Weights

  1. The Lightest BBCOR Bat. If you’re in search of the lightest swinging BBCOR bat, then swing weight is what you want to know. Our data list, which is often updated, will show you the lightest swinging BBCOR bats (and the heaviest too).
  2. Similar Swinging Bats. The greatest utility gained from knowing the swing weights of most BBCOR bats is you’ll be able to tell how bats from other brands, models, and years swing in relation to each other. So, if you know a certain bat is a bit too light or too heavy, the aggregated swing weight list will get you in the right place to get the perfect bat.

Standard Errors and Accuracy

Although we are confident in our swing measurements’ repeatability, we do not submit they are perfect. Our best estimate is we run no less than 200 points off. Meaning, a percentage swing of 2 to 3%, either way, would be a reasonable margin of error.

A percentage point or two one direction or another is virtually indistinguishable to any given player. A bat with a 4% change in any given direction on the above chart is likely not noticeable by anyone.

Updated December 3, 2020

December 3, 2020

By Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

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BBCOR Swing Weights | Lightest & Heaviest BBCOR

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