Updated: February 8, 2024

Baseball Bat Swing Weight Calculator

If you know that the total weight of a bat means virtually nothing when considering the usefulness of it at the plate, then you will want to know what the swing weight is. We show you how to get the swing weight of your calculator.

Calculate your bat’s swing weight with this Spreadsheet:

Complete the following metrics for the bat you’d like to measure and input them in the yellow boxes on this spreadsheet.

Visit the Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet calculates this: (((A*A*((32.2)*(12)/(4*3/14^2)))*(Y-B)*X)-X*((Y-B)*(Y-B)))+(X*(Y-6)*(Y-6))

Don’t want to do the work?

We also measure swing weights on the bats we test. Although it doesn’t have everyone it is a pretty substantial list. Check them here:

USA Bat Swing Weights
BBCOR Swing Weights
USSSA (Big Barrel) Swing Weights

Video Explanation of the 4 Variables Needed From Below

Step 1: Weigh the Bat = X

Bat Lab

The more accurate the better. Use a kitchen scale and keep it in terms of ounces.

Let’s call this variable: X

Step 2: Measure the distance between the knob of the bat and the point at which the bat balances = Y

There are a few way to do this. The simplest way is use a knife edge or, even, your finger. measure the distance from the balance point to the end of the bat. (So, to the outside of the knob knob).

Let’s call this variable: Y

Step 3: Find the pendulum period of the bat = A

Swing weight of a bat

This is the most difficult piece to do with consistency. You need to measure the exact time it takes for a bat to make a full swing (back and forth) as it hangs from some type of pivot. Pivots are something you need to create from some stuff at the hardware store. You can also try and create it with your hand like we do in the picture above.

Let’s call this variable: A

Step 4: Measure the difference between the point the bat was pivoting (swinging) on and the end of the knob. That = B.

This measurement should be rather short depending on how you got the answer to #3 above. It is usually less than 1-inch but could be longer.

Let’s call this variable: B

Step 5: Calculate the Swing Weight

In math, your swing weight answer 6 inches from the knob is this:


See, now, why we created the spreadsheet that calculates this?

Visit the spreadsheet

You can also just input the numbers you got from above and input them in the yellow boxes on this spreadsheet.