2025 Soldier Tank Review

The 2025 Soldier Tank in USSSA is a two piece composite bat with a light swing and a big barrel that came on the scene with a lot of hullabaloo. As an entrance, it became the sponsored bat of the Perfect Game which came all of a week after the Perfect Game banned (unilaterally and without much explanation) the Easton Hype fire.

Tank Video

2025 Tank Models

Models Overview

The 2025 Soldier Tank in its two piece version comes in a drop 10, 8 and 5 USSSA version.

General Recommendations

There are several really good two piece composite bats out there and the Soldier Tank should be considered with them. Our experience with the bat in the cage has generally been positive and we like the feel and barrel size.

Reviews By Model

Previous Bats

This is the first year of the Soldier Tank in a two piece composite bat.


The Solider Tank is a two piece composite bat with a big barrel and a light swing. Solider uses a lot of marketing hype terms to describe what the bat consists. But in the end its a two piece composite bat. Bat whip is a fiction, so them claiming the bat somehow whips through the zone is pure marketing silliness.

Our Parting Pitch

If you want to try a different kind of bat out there, then the 2025 Solider Tank in USSSA could be a good pick up.