CAT X2 Connect

2025 Marucci CAT X2 Connect Review

The 2025 Marucci CAT X2 Connect is a hybrid version of the CAT X2 and an updated version of the 2023 CAT X Connect. It is a two-piece hybrid bat with a big barrel and a bit of an endload. It is made for generally bigger hitters who like the feel of a two-piece and want a bit of weight in their swing.

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2025 CAT X2 Connect Models

Models Overview

The CAT X2 Connect is available in BBCOR, USA, and USSSA versions. Each is a two-piece hybrid bat with a slightly heavier swing than the CAT X2 in the same class. Pricing has stayed the same between 2023 and 2025 and in the case of the USSSA actually came down by $30. That’s great news.

General Recommendations

If you want the best hybrid bat Marucci has to offer than the CAT X2 is the one to get. It’s built on a long standing tradition of legit two piece bats that have been used successfully at every level. Generally, we like the BBCOR version of the bat best. The USSSA version doesn’t have a lot of takers as most in that class want bigger barrel afforded by a composite barrel. The CAT X2 Connect is likely underrated in the USA space.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Two-piece hybrid bats (composite handle and an alloy barrel) are plentiful. The most serious competitor to the CAT X2 Connect is likely DeMarini’s The Goods. Others that have a lot of play are Warstic’s Bonesaber Hybrid and Slugger’s Select PWR.

Previous Bats

Marucci claims to increase the total length of the CAT X2 barrel’s performance when compared to the 2023 CAT X. As well, the handle has a gel knob like the CAT X.


We’d guess this is a single-piece alloy bat with a bigger barrel, light swing, and a focus on a great feel with sting-dampening tech in the knob. But that’s only based on previous versions of the bat. We will see.

Our Parting Pitch

In the end, you likely can’t go wrong here if you want a bat that has some heft and isn’t as concerned about a massive barrel profile. The CAT X2 Connect is a great bat with a lot of options, and we recommend it often.