2025 DeMarini CF Review

It looks like DeMarini is bringing back the CF for 2025. That’s fun. It might be a limited run in 32—and 33-inch, but we will see if they expand it.

2025 CF Models

Models Overview

As of now, we expect a BBCOR and USSSA versions of the 2025 DeMarini CF. We have yet to see the exact sizes in USSSA and if USA will come along for the 2025 ride too.

General Recommendations

The 2025 DeMarini CF is a two-piece composite bat with a huge barrel and a light swing. We’ve yet to learn too much about it but expect it to be much like the DeMarini CFs from previous years. BBCOR doesn’t always fall in love with two-piece composite bats, and the CF’s more flexible connection doesn’t get a lot of love in the stiff single-piece alloy world of BBCOR, but it’s a legit stick for the smaller kid who wants and needs a much plate coverage as possible.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

Two-piece composite bats like the Rawlings ICON and Louisville Slugger META are other two-piece composite bats with big barrels. The ICON swings a bit heavier than a bat like the CF or Meta, but it’s the same idea.

Previous Bats

We are not sure what changes will occur in its specifics. So far, it looks like a reprint of the 2022 version, although we are hopeful they did something to it (like maybe stiffening up the connection).


We expect the 2025 DeMarini CF to be a two piece composite bat with a big barrel, light swing and flexible connection. Sizing right now seems limited to a 32 and 33-inch, but they may get more approved as they drop this later in 2024.

Our Parting Pitch

Ultimately, we think the CF is an excellent bat for the smaller hitter who wants a ton of barrel on a light swing and a wonderful feel for hits and mishits alike.