2024 Victus Pencil Review

The 2024 Victus Pencil, available in USSSA and USA models, is a one-piece alloy bat inspired by the Victus Vibe but featuring a unique pencil design. For the BBCOR version, check out the 2024 Victus Pencil Hybrid.

2024 Pencil Models

Models Overview

The Vibe chassis is praised among young players seeking a single-piece bat with the enhanced comfort of a sting-dampening knob, a feature it shares with the Vandal and earlier Marucci CAT Bats. It’s ideal for players less focused on the polished performance of a two-piece composite and for parents looking for value. Moreover, the Pencil Victus stands out in aesthetics, guaranteed to attract attention.

General Recommendations

The 2024 Victus Pencil bat impresses us with its ample barrel, lightweight feel, and sting reduction. For a larger barrel and smoother hit, consider alternatives like the Marucci CAT X Composite. While single-piece bats like the Victus Pencil offer more feedback and can hit just as powerfully with accurate timing, its pencil design is notably fantastic.

Reviews By Model

Comparable Bats

In the realm of USSSA and USA single-piece alloy bats, many options mirror each other closely. The Victus Vibe stands out as the closest counterpart to this model, essentially sharing the same core features beneath a different aesthetic. Both bats are positioned at a similar price point.

Previous Bats

This is the first year of the Victus Pencil bat although, as we state above, the Pencil is a recreation of the Vibe.


This bat features a one-piece aluminum construction, providing a traditional swing feel that’s balanced for all hitter types, complemented by an ergonomic handle for enhanced control. Its technology includes a vibration-reducing knob, a high-performance alloy for durability, and a ringless barrel with variable wall thickness for a flexible sweet spot. It has a 2 5/8″ barrel diameter in USA and a 2 3/4 in USSSA.

Our Parting Pitch

The 2024 Victus Pencil, offered in both USSSA and USA editions, is a one-piece alloy bat with a design inspired by the Victus Vibe, marked by its unique pencil aesthetic. It stands out for its balanced swing, sting reduction capabilities, and an ergonomic handle that enhances control. Featuring a ringless barrel with variable wall thickness for a flexible sweet spot and a vibration-reducing knob, this bat is designed to deliver performance and durability, with a notable emphasis on style that’s sure to draw attention on the field.